Oct. 15th, 2011

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In all the chaos of moving my crap and DIYing, I seem to have lost the Steve/Tony sketch (by [livejournal.com profile] ani_bester) that [livejournal.com profile] kijikun sent me a couple of years back, and I am legit upset by this.

Sometimes I surprise myself--I don't think of myself as being particularly invested in the pairing. I don't spend much time in the fandom, and I'm not really reading their respective ongoings right now. I'm not writing for them, (outside of my slow-moving choose-your-own-plot-point thing), and only sporadically reading the fic. I don't involve myself in the wank (oh god, the endless wank). But every once in a while I have a MY BB reaction to them as a unit. Are they one of the ~pairings of my heart now? And if so, shit, when did this happen?

Also, guys, I really want the Tasha/Steve version of movieverse, where they don't fall into bed right away, and when they do manage to become friends, Tasha keeps setting Steve up with more age appropriate women. And... and... past Tasha/Pepper and Tasha/Rhodey, with Tasha's private life being a subject of much (inaccurate) public speculation.
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I need an apocalyptic beta of a Supernatural story. Third in my series (it's a series now? ok...) of demon stories. Basically a horribly violent character study of Ruby. ~3000 words. Apocalyptic because right now it has a case of the blah blahs, and a weak ending. Maybe there should be traumatic flashbacks--idk.

Any takers?

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