Jan. 4th, 2012

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I warn for explicit sex and graphic violence. I also note canon compliance (Pre OotP, S2/3). If you think a story needs a warning, let me know.

Is great! I welcome both squee and concrit. You can leave a comment or message me.

Is totally cool. You're welcome to use my fic in rants, reviews, commentaries and meta. You can remix it, write sequels, or make podfics. Credit me so that I get my share of the glory, and try to let me know. Otherwise it's all fair game.

La Fic
Martianhouse: my old fic journal
AO3: my current fic archive
DW, LJ: my fic tag, for updates, snippets and commentfic, not consistently tagged, I'm afraid.
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Ignore that last. I'm just making sure I have all the necessities covered in my ridiculously bare bones profile. I don't get around as much in fandom these days, so I figured that a quick policy rundown was a good idea.

You know, I started writing fic kind of as an exercise in trolling. It's weird to think I'm still at it (albeit in dribs and drabs), a decade later. It's interesting too that while some of my attitudes and interests have changed drastically, others are pretty much the same. When I was in Smallville fandom, the story I was most interested in was that of Lex's mom. Now I'm trying to figure out Tony's mom's story. And when I was in Harry Potter fandom, I either wanted to write moody DOOM stories, or the Slytherins playing board games and having food fights. Now I... write moody DOOM stories, and Tony making scientificly perfect candy, or God being a Duck.

The more things change...

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