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One Day In The Park

The tranquility of Central Park's beloved petting zoo was disturbed today, by a new masked menace, calling himself The Ringmaster. The whip-wielding baddy descended on the park mid-morning, with the intention of turning the normally friendly ponies, goats, ducks and sheep, to his own dastardly purposes. The three classes of school children visiting the zoo, were grateful for the swift intervention by the Avengers. Captain America and Iron Man--


"I like dastardly. It's got character."

"This ain't no gossip rag. You're on city, Mike. City don't need character." Read more... )

Different version of And Pony Makes Three? This is my brain in its natural state, btw.
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"Look! Up in the sky!"

Mike looked. In New York it was always worth it. A man was riding a flying horse, chasing after a squad of jetpack equipped Hydra agents. "Is that... why is the Black Knight wearing the stars and stripes?"

"That's not the Black Knight," Icky said, already pulling out his iPhone.

"Holy shit! Captain America is riding a pony." Read more... )

Yeah, I don't know. Kind of for [personal profile] valtyr.
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Therapy, ~5500 words
Tony goes to therapy and criminal activity in New York City--and then the world--grinds to a halt. Pre Skrulls, New Avengers era.

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TBC, theoretically

That foreshadowing. Subtle, right? However, I should note that there was going to be a totally awesome scene in which Logan jumped out of a window at Avengers Tower.


Jul. 5th, 2010 10:06 pm
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I'm sort of on vacation. I went camping last week, and managed to sprain my ankle while hiking a leg of the Bruce Trail. Otherwise I've just been enjoying my fair city's parks and museums. I'm still working, but with old friends coming in and out of town for the summer, I'm in a vacay state of mind. It's kept me blissfully ignorant of fandom goings on.

I did, however, write the last paragraph of an as yet untitled story. Couldn't find a beta reader so I'll just leave this here and whoever decides to click through can be my alpha readers. *shrug*

Avengers, post Execute Program
~5500, Steve, Tony, Happy

Steve doesn't know who Tony is anymore.

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I don't post unfinished stories unless I've well and truly given up on them. I haven't given up on this one, but I am pretty stymied as to how it's going to play out. I figured, why not go in for some public humiliation? Maybe it'll motivate me to finish it! (Will be archived over at [ profile] martianhouse when complete).

For [ profile] scottyquick who wanted Steve talking about his sexuality. I haven't got to that part yet, but I hope you'll be satisfied with some cliche romcom-ness and bromance in the meantime.

Title: Big Gay American Love Story (1/2, WiP!)
Fandom: Avengers
Characters: Clint/Bobbi, Steve/Tony, Rhodey
Word Count: 5144
Summary: Steve is spending a lot of time at Tony's place. Clint thinks there's something going on.

When dinosaurs roamed the earth, Cap showed up in LA to help. That was Tuesday. On Wednesday, some joker with a freeze-ray crashed the set of Tom Cruise's latest. On Thursday the fridge broke down, and while that shouldn't rank with the antics of costumed jackasses, it absolutely did. Friday started out quiet, with him and Bobbi heading to the park for a picnic, but took a sudden turn to awesome, when a hot chick set herself on fire and challenged Bobbi to throw down. The following week there were lizard people, a time traveller, and dimension-hopping mice to deal with. Read more... )
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1. I finished another story. \o/ Ok, I finished a snippet that I'd promised to write about a million years ago. But hey, I finished something.

Like A Bond Girl
When Pepper met Carol. ~1600
A quickie attempt to integrate Carol into the Iron Man movieverse. I don't know if I got the characters quite right (especially since two of them are drunk), but this was just for fun.

2. I notice that my Die Hard post is empty of all you people who promised to join me in DH geekery. I am disappoint, flist. I don't usually come down on you with the pokey stick of peer pressure, but CONSIDER YOURSELVES POKED.

3. If I were to host a BAMF meme (possibly SPN only, possibly panfandom) in my journal (less work this way!) would you aid and abet in the pimping of it? And would one of you make a banner?
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The Sea Ice: -1.8 °C (28.8 °F)
Summary: O brave new world, that has such people in it.
Characters: Stephanie Rogers, original Avengers
Word Count: 2285

This is the first in a series of five short stories about Stephanie Rogers adjusting to the post-ice brave new world. This one is very much about her reaction to the original Avengers.

I've been saying that I needed to spend some time finishing stories, instead of starting new ones. It's what I've been spending most of my spare time on, and why I'm posting so much all of a sudden. I've got a couple of stories done (or almost done, if you discount the lack of a final scene) and in need of betaing. Anyone willing to do a read through of:

Steve, Tony, Happy Hogan. Post execute program, personal and philosphical drama. ~4500

Dean/Castiel. Post nonpocalypse, Castiel is leaving for a new mission. Dean isn't happy. Character death (probably, maybe) and heavy on the metaphysics. ~7000

Sam/Castiel. Post nonpocalypse. Snippets tracking the development of SASSY. ~4500

What I'm looking for is some help tying these bad boys off, a thumbs up/down, and some serious line edits. I'm noticing soooo many tics in my writing and I need someone to aggressively call me on that shit.
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I need to get some of these damn WIPs completed and posted. In the interest of said, I'm seeking prereaders, audiencers, beta readers and/or people with pokey sticks. Seriously, anyone who's willing to read a draft and give me a straight answer as to the worthiness of its contents would be appreciated. Read more... )

Any takers? I've also considered setting up a WIP filter, but am unsure if anyone would be interested in snippets...
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My Help_Haiti ficlets are first on the list. They keep getting interrupted by work. Grr.

Y: The Last Man, Yorick/355 (If they got together fantasy).
Harry Potter, Snape (I might do Snape in Gotham for this).
Avengers, Steve/Tony (Tony takes Steve to a farm. There's a pony).
Avengers, Jan/Hank, Wanda/Simon (Possssibly a double date. Or an evil quiz show. Maybe both).

Then there are my holiday stories. One of which needs a scene and some editing. The other still needs to be written.

Avengers, Steve/Tony (Stephanie Rogers is pulled out of the ice and has to adjust to the brave new world. This is like... more complicated than it sounds because I have to remake the MU to adjust for a female Captain America in WW2. Think about it).

Kill Bill, Beatrix, BB/Nicki Green (Nicki goes looking for revenge. I think I'm going to do this in the style of the movie, with pics, footnotes, asides and musical interludes).

And my other stuff. There's lots of it. I'm going to give you the ones that are at the top of my priority list.

Avengers, Clint/Bobbi, Steve/Tony, Rhodey (Clint finds out that Steve and Tony are maybe-dating. First he freaks out, then he tries to enlist Rhodey to help things along). For Scotty.

Supernatural, Dean, Sam, Bobby and Castiel (During the final battle Castiel died. Now he's back as a human. Bobby adopts him, havoc ensues).

Supernatural, Castiel and Dean (Castiel is a fallen angel guarding the city of Dis. He pulls Dean out of hell, but not for altruistic reasons).

Supernatural, my SPN Femslash assignment, the details of which I can't reveal.

Harry Potter, Lily/James, baby Harry (The Potters face isolation, cabin fever, and a baby, in the house in Godric's Hollow).
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Little Deaths: Steve/Tony (explicit sex and kink)
When the Levee Breaks (100)
Die Easy (1,034)
Let Me Down So Low (1,349)

Any Star: Carol Danvers (100)

If Death Were A Good Thing: Janet Van Dyne (150)

C12H22O11 (Or, The Science of Candy): Carol, Wanda, Tony, Vision (1,430)

Sexy Sexy: Jen/Jazinda (700)

Harry Potter

Here Is No Place: Lily, Sirius, James (2,992)

Love, Marriage, Dating, Children, Dating (Again): Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny (12,800)

To The River: Snape (3,216, violence!)

Y: the Last Man

Weather Eye: Yorick Brown (1,513)


Five Loves (Ab Uno Disce Omnes): Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike, Buffy, Giles, Dawn (9,978)

Imbrication: Giles (6,660)


Texas 349 to Midland: Sam, Castiel (1,109)

A Hell For Angels: Castiel, Ruby (1,455)

Spa Day: Sam, Dean, Castiel (553)

Invictus: Sam/Ruby, Azazel, Dean (3,328, sex and violence!)

Grace Too: Dean/Castiel (3080, suggestive!)

In Truth: Anna, Uriel, Castiel, Dean (500)

The World's Biggest Snow Globe Emporium Is Haunted: Dean, Sam, Castiel (2,065)
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I have too many active WIPs, in various stages of completion. These are my top five:

Untitled: Avengers, humor, Clint/Bobbi, Steve/Tony

Read more... )

Untitled: Supernatural, horror, Ruby, Meg
(I should note that even the snippet contains ~horror~ that some might find disturbing)

Read more... )

Word Container: Harry Potter, drama, Lily/James, baby!Harry, Sirius, Peter

Read more... )

Sweetwater: Supernatural, drama (future AU), Dean/Castiel, Sam, Bobby

Read more... )

Lucas: Supernatural, horror/drama (past AU) John, Dean, Sam, Bobby, guess who

Read more... )
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Chamber of Chills reveals are posted here. I wrote two ficlets for the fest:

Title: Sexy Sexy
Summary: Jen and Jazinda go shopping for Halloween costumes.
Characters: Jen/Jazinda
Word Count: 700

Title: C12H22O11 (Or, The Science of Candy)
Summary: Science can make things taste really, really good. Tony and Vision set out to prove this by making candy. Carol and Wanda play lab rat.
Characters: Carol, Wanda, Vision, Tony
Word Count: 1430
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Any Star
Fandom: Avengers
Summary: "This is a lonely galaxy."
Character: Carol Danvers/Binary
Word count: 100

If Death Were A Good Thing
Fandom: Avengers
Summary: Janet in death's casino (As seen in Incredible Hercules).
Character: Janet Van Dyne
Word count: 150

Let Me Down So Low
Fandom: Avengers
Summary: Rimming.
Characters: Steve/Tony
Word count: 1349
Warnings: Explicit Sex
For [community profile] cliche_bingo: There's a first time for everything. First Times.

Weather Eye
Fandom: Y: The Last Man
Summary: Yorick is having trouble sleeping, on the way to DC.
Characters: Yorick Brown
Word Count: 1513
For [community profile] cliche_bingo: Road trip.

new fic

Jun. 5th, 2008 02:07 pm
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Since I've started writing fic again, I've written in five new fandoms. In a couple of weeks, after I've posted my story for the Hetfic Challenge, it'll be six. I'm having probably about the same amount of fun as when I first started writing in Harry Potter, but I'm putting a lot more effort into it. I think my writing has improved a lot since my first stories. I'm definitely a lot less pretentious. *g*

I'm enjoying this random fandom thing. I know that a lot of people need some serious infrastructure (friends, places to talk and post, reliable betas) to enjoy their fandom experience, but after a while I tend to find it oppressive. Near the end of my regular participation in HP and Smallville fanddoms, I felt like I was being pulled in too many directions, and had too many obligations to too many people. That obviously has more to do with me than fandom, but it's what inevitably drives me away.

I like this flying under the radar thing I'm doing now. It's good to be a nobody.

So anyway, here's my latest:

New Avengers Pre CW | Steve/Tony | Adult
Word Count - 12,224
Steve and Tony work out some relationship problems.

New Avengers Pre CW | Steve/Tony
Word Count - 3281
Stealth footsie, Mr. Toad and tiny, malevolent robots.

This fandom is ridiculously fun to write in. OMG I love comics. I should also note that this is probably the first time I've written a pairing twice, without killing one of them off. Discounting drabbles, I calculate that overall, my writing is 24% shippy, 76% gen.

Let's see. I wrote Clark/Lex twice and killed Clark off both times, Lex once.

I wrote Snape/Sirius twice, both times for the lulz, and neither of them died. So there's that. I also wrote Narcissa/Lucius/Snape, Martha/Jonathan, Lillian/Lionel and Will/Jack. Once each, and nobody died. Huzzah!
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It's become a truism that Civil War only makes sense if you see it as a really bad breakup between Captain America and Iron man. This Civil War: What If? shows us how it should have turned out.

visual evidence! )

I also 'made' some icons. I'm new to this icon thing, but if you actually want one? Take it, man. I'm still at the "LOOK AT ME CROP STUFF" stage, so alter them, add text - whatever.

24 Cap and Tony icons (though few are Steve/Tony) )
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I don't like Thor.

I kind of tried to like Thor - there was so much hype and Coipel's art is so lovely that I figured I'd give it a try. I've been reading mainstream comics again for a relatively short time, so I thought it couldn't hurt to try something outside of my comfort zone, see how (if at all) my preferences have changed since I was a Marvel Zombie. If you're not familiar with the series, please do check it out because the pencils and colouring are beautiful. But--

Yeah, um. No Thor for me thanks - please keep your god-germs off my vigilantes, ninjas, mutants and mecha. And now for some reasons:

< RANT >

1. He parked his Aryan castle in the sky over the Midwest.

This is a dick move no matter how you try to spin it. And it's dickish on a number of different levels.

Thor acquired a tract of land in the Midwest by parking his flying castle over a farmer's field and then tossing the guy a truckload of gold. His negotiating position was basically: "FU mere mortals, I do what I want. But here's some shiny stuff for your troubles - mortals like shiny stuff, right?" The entire sequence is massively condescending and legally wonky. Not only does the transaction pose some problems for the farmer and the county in terms of taxation and property law, but it poses a huge, huge world shaking problem for the US and the international community. The world's superpower has essentially been invaded and conquered by an angry god who is likely to make his flying castle available to American fugitives as a safe haven.

Unless the story ends with the human race rising up and engineering a solution to their little god problem, this is not a story I personally want to read.

Forget his past heroic acts and former membership in the Avengers. A being who is completely outside the ability of humans to govern or restrain, has parked his house in American airspace - in the American heartland! - and intends to fill that castle with other 'gods' of nearly equal power, who are certainly equally, practically outside human jurisdiction. And he more than likely intends to help human citizens break the laws of their respective countries, whenever he finds them impractical or unjust.

So what does it mean for the balance of power in the MU when the world's superpower has to bend over and take it from a 'god'? What does it mean for the species when the world's economic/military/super-powerhouse can't govern it's own sovereign territory, or have jurisdiction over it's citizens?

2. He's a capital 'g' God.

Unlike Phoenix, Dr. Manhatten or even Superman (who's more human than Kryptonian), Thor is an Asgardian God and always has been. The question of why a god would want to spend time avenging wronged mortals and battling bank robbers and Nazis was answered by pairing the character with a human alter-ego. Thor had pissed off his dad and got stuck in a time-share with a disabled human doctor, and so learned to value humans as allies. However. New Thor does not seem to have such restrictions - if anything he's become more powerful than before and recently spent some time as an omniscient being. He's no longer a god who's forced to play with mortals, forced to hold back, as he says in issue 3, now Thor can show his true godly power.

Basically, what's on offer in this series seems to be "Blond God Pwns All".

There is no arc to his power, no story to it. It simply is. He has a very comfortable, untroubled relationship to his power and godly status - his power doesn't force him to reexamine his conception of humanity and humanity's place in the universe, because he's always had it. It doesn't lend itself to stories about the transformative possibilities of power because he's always had that power.

And unlike Ares or Hercules (two other Marvel 'gods') Thor isn't part of an old, egomaniacal race of powered jerkwads who can comfortably play in the human world; he is posited as a true God. So much more powerful than the other Marvel heroes that he's a kind of story ender. Yeah, Thor showed up. Done. Especially now, when the character isn't constrained by the necessities of a team book, and he can just be totally, awesomely inhumanly better than us.

There are, I'm sure, many many interesting stories that can be told about a 'god' on earth but I'm certainly not part of the target demographic.

3. Asgard in America?

I've never followed Thor, but I'm told that they tried this before, over New York city. The story hinged on a Thor cult cropping up in the US. And then he went crazy. (I don't know - I didn't read it.)

Regardless - blond Norse God alive in America. Whether they go the cult route again, or opt for something completely different, I am so completely - beyond the telling of it, beyond the possibility of the telling of it - uncomfortable with the idea of a big, blond Norse God alive in the US.

Especially when he is the only God alive in the US, when there is no sign of Hindu, Judeo-Christian or First Nations gods.

Especially when he is being presented as the true hero of humanity, he who is above the petty politicking of Civil War, Registration and all that jazz. He is the carrier of the true flame of heroism.

I mean, maybe I'm overthinking this but who the fuck says to themselves: "You know what America needs in these troubled times? A big, Aryan, hammer-wielding God-protector who will show us the true meaning of justice, heroism, moonbeams, kittens and the good life!"

The character could not possibly be less representative of American ideals and yet - it's totally ok for him to spit on those ideals, on the political processes developed to protect those ideals, because he's a God!

He's above those things. He's above Americans.

He's above us - he's above the human race.

</ RANT >

Ok, yeah. I'm all wanked out.
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Settling that eternal fanboy question: who would win in a fight Iron Man or Aquaman?

ETA - Poker Night! (Settling that eternal fanboy question: who would win at poker, Aquaman, Batman, Superman, Spiderman or Iron Man? And also, would Doom make a good pizza boy?)

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