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2012-03-12 08:16 pm

avengers story

So I'm working on an Avengers story, the first draft of which is, GET THIS, almost done. inorite? It's going to be a short, bare bones thing that I'll have to attack with a bucket of characterization spackle and a trowel, but it's ALMOST DONE. It's got alternating Tony and Steve pov, with Natasha and Maria Hill playing supporting roles, and some Maddy Pryor thrown in for kicks (honestly, anything to keep her away from Scott). Basically, Tony tries to catch a plane.

Anyone down for beta/pre-read duties?

Unrelated-- so this alpha/omega self-lubricating ass trend. Has anyone tried to science this up and actually explain how this works and why, from an evolutionary perspective, it's an advantage?
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2012-02-06 09:49 pm

layin down the law

No more Avengers high school AUs until someone writes former X Games champion!Tony, ex-circus clowns!Natasha&Clint, part time performance artist!Bruce and... Steve and Thor stay the same. Everyone's still a superhero. They're just flashier. Tony, Natasha, Clint and Bruce have dance breaks in the SHIELD mess hall. At some point Tony does a 360 flip off Hulk's back. In battle. In the armor. Natasha and Clint combat evil with slapstick and pie. Bruce combats evil with interpretive dance, while in interpretive body paint. Steve and Thor don't despair, and in fact, less than secretly love all of it. Throw in a rap battle and then, THEN, fandom, I might just be satisfied.
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2012-01-20 11:06 am


I think my most hated character arc for Tony Stark is, "Tony Learns How To Be A Good Bourgeois Boy," where becoming (upper) middle class in terms of outlook, means becoming normal.

I kind of don't have the energy to fully expand on this idea right now, but the logic seems to be that taking on bourgeois mannerisms and behaviours means becoming a better, more normal person. ie. better living through dish washing, and no longer jet setting but staying home for family time with the team. It's not that I think that Tony's lifestyle is admirable, but that acting out a bourgeois lifestyle when you're one of the richest men in the world, is a bit gross, and could only ever be that--acting. I think Tony is most interesting as an Avenger, when you maintain the distance imposed by class, and influence. It creates a wonderful constant tension.

(Second most hated: Tony leads an unhealthy lifestyle. Let's force him to become a better person by hiding the coffee and forcing him to sleep!)

Just, Tony inhabits a particular super rich bubble, midway between Silicon Valley and New England old money, by way of the military industrial complex. His values and lifestyle are bit wonky even for the super rich. I'm far more interested in seeing how he can figure out to do good, without pretending to be something he isn't. Which is something that, by and large, the comics do well--Tony leverages those incredible (monetary, industrial, social, personal) resources to try to make the world a better place. Very often not successfully, but hey, storytime fun.
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2012-01-06 03:26 pm

so my beloved flist

Was this one of you? I ask, because we just talked about this. Or am I perhaps anticipating the meme?

There should be a Marvel movieverse fic where Fury goes to the circus, discovers Clint, recruits him for SHIELD, and then regrets it for the rest of his days, because MY GOD WHAT A DICK. Coulson is stuck running herd on him, because no one else can manage him. Then when Tony comes on board as a consultant and everyone is marveling over his dickery, they decide to sic Clint on him. Of course, this backfires spectacularly, and the two join forces. Double the mouthiness, twice the inappropriate pranks, ALL THE EGO, JUGGLING.
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2012-01-03 11:15 pm

three posts in one day? I know, I know.

I'm so sorry, but this is important.

In the far flung future, Tony should totally have a house in space, right? But should it be a Jetsons-style sky castle, a space station, a ship, or... a martian space castle?

*Actually relevant to something I am ACTUALLY WRITING, AW YEAH.
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2012-01-03 10:36 pm

marvel movie fandom, why?

It's cracking me up that Clint's characterization in a lot of fics seems to be 'quiet'.

Not so much, no.
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2011-12-20 07:14 pm

couple things

1. I'm writing something and I need make sure I've got some details correct:

In movieverse, how old is Tony Stark when his parents are killed? Are they killed in a car or plane crash? Also, he graduates MIT at 17 and takes over as CEO at 21, yes?

2. Can anyone rec me some good Emma/Charles XMFC fic?

3. I think Carol/Tasha Stark is more plausible than Carol/Tony. Thoughts?
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2011-12-07 08:06 pm

oops, I wrote issue fic

The Sky To Fall

Captain America: The First Avenger | Stephanie/Peggy | ~2000
For all that Agent Carter and Captain America, weren't dames like other dames, there were some things even they couldn't get away with.

Still as foofy as the WiP I posted (last week?) but with more closure.


Dressed Like Hell
Supernatural | Ruby | ~2500
Warnings: unambiguously evil!Ruby, possession, violence.
Baby's first time out of the pit.

This is part character study and part world building. It's been hanging around my gdocs for ages, and I finally decided to just post it.
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2011-11-29 02:37 pm


Years ago I was writing a story where Tony finally decided to get some therapy. Unfortunately for Tony, the whole universe was a Skrull-induced hallucination. I backburned the story and then never got back to it, but he was supposed to be alerted to this fact by Wolverine jumping out the window of Avengers Tower, or at least, jumping out of the window was involved in the big revelatory scene. Anyway.

Now I want to harvest the core idea--Tony getting therapy--to write a movieverse story where Fury demands an evaluation (because of reasons) and rather than be analyzed by the SHIELD docs, Tony pushes for his semi-bro Charles Xavier (because of reasons). And then Charles somehow gets Tony to agree to actual therapy, and Tony is like, "But... how did that happen?" And then there's psychic therapy, and outings, and chess, and various X-Men side-eying the whole thing, and robot pets, and finally Tony upgrading Cerebro. idk, if I had more time.

Also: there should be fic where Tony creates an entire ark's worth of robot animals. Maybe I will write this fic.
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2011-11-23 09:53 pm

Peggy/Stephanie (bastardized contre le montre)

Basically, write on a theme and don't stop writing for a set period of time. This isn't much of a story, but hey, have some words.

You know how dames are. Read more... )

Worth cleaning up, fleshing out, and posting to AO3? idk Needs a better ending, of course, but right now I'm going to bed.
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2011-11-18 07:29 pm

wow, thanks

So I guess Avengers fandom is really blowing up. I'm getting loads of hits and kudos on my old Steve/Tony stories, lo these many moons later. Thanks for that, kudos-giving folks. I wish I had new stuff to share, in return for all the great stuff other people are posting but alas, no.

And this right here, is one of my favourite things about AO3. I've talked about feedback and all the issues surrounding it. I've actually talked about it a lot. My stance has always been, that readers should give whatever form of feedback they are moved to give, in whatever form they are comfortable with. If that means a negative review, fine. If that means clicking a heart, great. It's all good. I love that kudos allow people to give me a pat on the back, without feeling awkward. Back pats, I love 'em.
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2011-11-06 05:27 pm

the thing is...

Peter Parker is too awesome a character to be reduced to the team mascot, everybody's kid, or the comic relief. He has one of the all time great superhero origin stories. In almost every continuity, he's one of the heroes most likely to come through for you. He's self-sacrificing, experienced, really, really smart, and all around too great to be an also ran. JUSTICE FOR PETER PARKER NAO.

(This journal just gets increasingly ridiculous with every post, doesn't it?)
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2011-11-04 11:52 am

something between meta and fic

I'd like to sign up for the ST Secret Santa, but I'm kind of an enormous failure at meeting deadlines, so no. I was also toying with signing up for Avengers Bang (Jan gets trapped in Disney's Fairyland, oh shit), but see previous. Any time I talk about signing up for something, guys, discourage me. Reject me. I am not meant for exchanges! That way lies disappointment.

Anyway, here's a bit of something. This is a snippet of a 'non-fiction' piece on my version of Lady!Cap. I could never figure out where to take it, so here's what I've got. It has a very definite point of view, which isn't quite MY point of view. Opine away! Read more... )

...and then there was supposed to be an action story, but I can't seem to gather the energy to write it.
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2011-11-02 07:52 pm


I'm kind of idly fancasting a story I have no plans to write: Movieverse, if Tony had kids.

The mothers: Read more... )

I'm trying to cast Sal Kennedy, who is obviously baby James J. Hansen-Stark's* godfather. I sort of like Edward James Olmos for the part. Or... idk. Name me some actors in their 60s who could pull off genius hippie futurist, mentor to Maya and Tony? (Jeff Bridges would have been perfect).

Yes, I totally built some familial ticking time bombs (in a cave... with a box of scraps). I am aware.

*(The second J stands for something horrible, terrible, so bad it must never be revealed. His parents are assholes like that. Language? Have you seen his birth certificate? Ok, no. That wasn't an invitation).
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2011-10-15 12:14 pm

but whyyyyy

In all the chaos of moving my crap and DIYing, I seem to have lost the Steve/Tony sketch (by [ profile] ani_bester) that [ profile] kijikun sent me a couple of years back, and I am legit upset by this.

Sometimes I surprise myself--I don't think of myself as being particularly invested in the pairing. I don't spend much time in the fandom, and I'm not really reading their respective ongoings right now. I'm not writing for them, (outside of my slow-moving choose-your-own-plot-point thing), and only sporadically reading the fic. I don't involve myself in the wank (oh god, the endless wank). But every once in a while I have a MY BB reaction to them as a unit. Are they one of the ~pairings of my heart now? And if so, shit, when did this happen?

Also, guys, I really want the Tasha/Steve version of movieverse, where they don't fall into bed right away, and when they do manage to become friends, Tasha keeps setting Steve up with more age appropriate women. And... and... past Tasha/Pepper and Tasha/Rhodey, with Tasha's private life being a subject of much (inaccurate) public speculation.
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2011-10-11 11:49 am

Avengers trailer:


And everyone else. But. My god. TONY.

"I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster." *_*
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2011-09-29 08:43 pm

let's like, co-create this here shit

Couple things:

1) Damn, I am the actual worst. I have an absurd backlog of comments to get through, I am aware. I haven't been responding to comments in a timely manner, largely because I've been afk for months, and responding from my phone was complicated by my... forgetting my LJ/DW passwords. Basically what I'm saying is that I'm lazy.

2) Guys. Teen Wolf. Guys. (No, really). Read more... )

It's actually kind of hilarious and gory. If only the lead weren't so dull.

3) True Blood finale. Whaaaat was that. What. It's like they took all my hopes, dreams and fears for the finale, did them up like Shake&Bake, and called it an episode.

4) Finally, this. Started this ages ago, never finished it. I can't decide between porn or lulz. You tell me.

Avengers movieverse, Steve/Tony, Tony feeds Steve chocolate

Read more... )

Here's the deal, I'm going to write the ending of your choice. Although, you know, probably not in a timely manner. (This here, is exactly how seriously I take my art). Your options are:

1) Steve likes his chocolate so much that he wrestles Tony to the floor and thanks him.
2) Romcom hijinks resulting in a sexual frustration and pratfalls.
3) Dinosaurs.
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2011-09-07 08:47 pm

True Blood annoyance

I hope Tara can change for the better.

You hope Tara can change for the better? I hope she'll be happy some day. I hope Sookie can change for the better, and figure out her priorities. Like hey, maybe putting her best friends and family before her boyfriends for a change. Humph.

In other news, I saw Captain America and a bunch of set photos for the Avengers movie and... I want it now... and I want to write Steve/Tony again. Sigh.
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2011-05-18 02:42 am

New fic, yes it does happen sometimes

Love, Marriage, Dating, Children, Dating (Again)
(Harry Potter) Ron consults a self-help manual, in an effort to 'reignite the spark'.

Old fic reposted to AO3. Formatting was not fun. I put it off a year, no lie.

Girls Can Do Better
(Avengers) Janet takes Stephanie shopping and they talk about the meaning of the uniform.

Finally wrote a sequel to my lady!Cap story and it's... pretty much fluff.

And I've written a bit for Valtyr's Steve/Tony prompt and am thinking about Neotama's Castiel&Gabriel prompt. Mainly I had to quit because it's three in the morning, but I have more words. Guys, I am writing again. *_*
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2011-03-09 08:04 pm

ten stories

What's this? A meme that will allow me to talk about my stories? SOLD!

Ten Stories I'd Save (if I had to choose)

Love, Marriage, Dating, Children, Dating
Harry Potter | Epilogue compliant | Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny
Word Count - 12,800
Ron consults a self-help manual, in an effort to 'reignite the spark'.

Hands down, my favourite. I don't quite know how to rate my stories in terms of quality, but this is the one I like (love) the best. I loved coming up with the footnotes. I loved making fun of Ron's and Harry's continuing romantic ineptness. I loved selling the shit out the epilogue, which so many people hate. Read more... )