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I have to wait until the summer? Harsh MTV, just harsh. A bit about the plot:

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Basically everything I want to see explored in S2. Because STILES. Because Scott/Allison. Because shirtless Derek. Because the PARENTS (I really love the parents on this show, and all the focus on family and friendship). Sigh.

Aaaaand another Stiles vid:

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Couple things:

1) Damn, I am the actual worst. I have an absurd backlog of comments to get through, I am aware. I haven't been responding to comments in a timely manner, largely because I've been afk for months, and responding from my phone was complicated by my... forgetting my LJ/DW passwords. Basically what I'm saying is that I'm lazy.

2) Guys. Teen Wolf. Guys. (No, really). Read more... )

It's actually kind of hilarious and gory. If only the lead weren't so dull.

3) True Blood finale. Whaaaat was that. What. It's like they took all my hopes, dreams and fears for the finale, did them up like Shake&Bake, and called it an episode.

4) Finally, this. Started this ages ago, never finished it. I can't decide between porn or lulz. You tell me.

Avengers movieverse, Steve/Tony, Tony feeds Steve chocolate

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Here's the deal, I'm going to write the ending of your choice. Although, you know, probably not in a timely manner. (This here, is exactly how seriously I take my art). Your options are:

1) Steve likes his chocolate so much that he wrestles Tony to the floor and thanks him.
2) Romcom hijinks resulting in a sexual frustration and pratfalls.
3) Dinosaurs.

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