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I'm on modcation from Scans/NoScans Daily. I've been modding for about two years now. When I joined the team, it was with a mission to update the comm rules, and push the tone of conversation away from WE EAT OUR OWN to something a little more genial. It's been an... interesting two years, with more excitement than any of us expected.

Skalja, Stubble and I updated the rules.

As a result of trolling, we locked the tags and put the comm on moderated posting for... a month and a half? Two months? It was hell. D:

Dan Slott and Peter David both got into arguments with members on comm.

We were TOSed from LJ, moved Scans Daily to IJ, and started NoScans Daily on LJ. The new Scans Daily rules had stronger posting restrictions and information for creators.

It was announced that we were part of the homo-gay agenda in comics. (Satirical site, but come on).

We were trolled by members of a comics forum. We were trolled by the creators of a comics blog. We were trolled by random internet trolls. We were even trolled on Twitter!

We started a volunteer comm for members to brainstorm with us and for tag wranglers to hang out.

We migrated to Dreamwidth, with all our entries and tags intact. Yay [staff profile] mark!

We dealt with serious RaceFail, ModFail and updated the rules again. This lead to a year and a half of debate over the importance/relevance of anti-oppression conversation in relation to comics. Then later there was TransFail and the extension of the anti-oppression conversation into new areas (we're now talking about classism and religious discrimination, on comm).

Our members were hit with DMCA takedown notices from Marvel Comics, and DW held steady throughout. Yay DW!

Skalja and Stubble stepped down from the mod team, and we welcomed Parsimonia, Angelophile, Sandoz_Iscariot, Neo_Prodigy and KingRockwell to the team.

We've started to migrate our tags to, to create an archive of posts on both comms, with detailed, nerdy as hell metadata.

Was there more? idek so much has happened. Anyway, modcation for me! \o/

[personal profile] whatistigerbalm 2010-06-14 07:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Enjoy! I haven't visited the comm in a while but I doubt modding is any less of a task these days than it was when I last checked it out.
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I have been watching the del migration with love in my nerdy, NERDY heart. And also with hilarious commentary from [personal profile] murklins. "Hey, I just logged into your DW to check something. You shouldn't use the same password for everything ever, but it's really convenient for me!" HAPPY TO HELP, M!

And yay, happy modcation!