schmevil: (gwen and mj dance)
schmevil ([personal profile] schmevil) wrote2011-05-18 02:42 am

New fic, yes it does happen sometimes

Love, Marriage, Dating, Children, Dating (Again)
(Harry Potter) Ron consults a self-help manual, in an effort to 'reignite the spark'.

Old fic reposted to AO3. Formatting was not fun. I put it off a year, no lie.

Girls Can Do Better
(Avengers) Janet takes Stephanie shopping and they talk about the meaning of the uniform.

Finally wrote a sequel to my lady!Cap story and it's... pretty much fluff.

And I've written a bit for Valtyr's Steve/Tony prompt and am thinking about Neotama's Castiel&Gabriel prompt. Mainly I had to quit because it's three in the morning, but I have more words. Guys, I am writing again. *_*

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