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kill you in a new way
Inception, Arthur, 1534
Arthur's recruitment into the dream share program.

Just a bit of backstory. Trying to work out my Arthur voice for something a bit more substantial.

Also, you know, another entry for my Finish Old Crap project. I've secured a beta for that Supernatural fic I mentioned last week, so it should be posted sometime in the coming weeks. I haven't decided where to concentrate my efforts next, but I'm hoping to have enough stuff posted, in enough large fandoms, that I'll have the option to sign up for Remix, without leaning on my ancient Harry Potter stuff. Maybe I'll do a series of Emma/Charles ficlets and incur the wrath of the poor soul who's assigned to me... A handful of Buffy ficlets would also help.

So hey, you know what I kind of want to write? Tara Thornton: Agent of SHIELD. She comes back from the dead ~unkillable and angry, therefore, shadowy government agency.
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Some of you have seen parts of this before.

In Still Water, We See
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, ~12500
Castiel died. The Apocalypse was put off. Sam and Dean went back to their pre-angel life less ordinary. A year later Bobby called with the good news, Cas was back and he was sticking around for awhile.

I finally just said fuck it, and posted the damn thing. It's been taunting me for years. I mean, it could use SO MUCH editing, but emotionally, I'm done with this monster. DONE. Maybe next week I'll write a post about this stupid story, and all my enormous feelings about its blah-blah-blah-ness, and why 90% of it takes place in Bobby's kitchen. Because OMG. I wrote about two thirds of it in season five, and just got back to it recently. It's unfinished-ness was pissing me off.

Anyway, I'm really not selling this, huh? It's an ok read, though, despite the fact that nothing happens in it. Seriously, shutting up now. (THIS STORY).
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I warn for explicit sex and graphic violence. I also note canon compliance (Pre OotP, S2/3). If you think a story needs a warning, let me know.

Is great! I welcome both squee and concrit. You can leave a comment or message me.

Is totally cool. You're welcome to use my fic in rants, reviews, commentaries and meta. You can remix it, write sequels, or make podfics. Credit me so that I get my share of the glory, and try to let me know. Otherwise it's all fair game.

La Fic
Martianhouse: my old fic journal
AO3: my current fic archive
DW, LJ: my fic tag, for updates, snippets and commentfic, not consistently tagged, I'm afraid.
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Good lord, this was a terrible year for fanfic. I am the least prolific writer ever, lolme.

Tara, no last name given
True Blood, Tara/Sookie, Tara Eggs
Tara's on the road to somewhere, where she's going to be somebody new.

Girls Can Do Better
Avengers (616), pre-Stephanie/Jan
Janet takes Stephanie shopping and they talk about the meaning of the uniform.

A Cafe, Somewhere
Arthur, repression, and the immediate aftermath of Mal's death.

The Sky To Fall
Captain America, Peggy/Stephanie
For all that Agent Carter and Captain America weren't dames like other dames, there were some things even they couldn't get away with.

Dressed Like Hell
Supernatural, Ruby
Baby's first time out of the pit. (Ruby backstory).

I also posted a number of drafts and partial stories, but I'm not going to count those here.
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Of the 55 stories I've posted on AO3:

- 4 femslash
- 9 het
- 8 slash
- 34 gen

- 2 > 10,000 words
- 7 > 5,000 words
- 46 < 5,000 words

parings (most of which are incidental): Read more... )

Looking at my Gdocs, I've got:

- 1 story > 20,000 words that was Kripked and I never got around to editing
- 3 stories > 10,000 words that need a just need a bit of tweaking, or a couple of scenes before they could be posted
- 7 stories > 5,000 that are about halfway to done
- umpteen shorter things that I'm not sure what to do with

Aaaaand ask me if I'll ever post any of these. lolme
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The Sky To Fall

Captain America: The First Avenger | Stephanie/Peggy | ~2000
For all that Agent Carter and Captain America, weren't dames like other dames, there were some things even they couldn't get away with.

Still as foofy as the WiP I posted (last week?) but with more closure.


Dressed Like Hell
Supernatural | Ruby | ~2500
Warnings: unambiguously evil!Ruby, possession, violence.
Baby's first time out of the pit.

This is part character study and part world building. It's been hanging around my gdocs for ages, and I finally decided to just post it.
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A Cafe, Somewhere
Inception, Dom & Arthur, ~700
A bit of grief and repression, in the immediate aftermath of Mal's death.

Read more... )

Found this in gdocs and figured I might as well post it.
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Basically, write on a theme and don't stop writing for a set period of time. This isn't much of a story, but hey, have some words.

You know how dames are. Read more... )

Worth cleaning up, fleshing out, and posting to AO3? idk Needs a better ending, of course, but right now I'm going to bed.
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Write porn: 2000 hits.

Write gen: 150 hits.

*kanye shrug*
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Couple things:

1) Damn, I am the actual worst. I have an absurd backlog of comments to get through, I am aware. I haven't been responding to comments in a timely manner, largely because I've been afk for months, and responding from my phone was complicated by my... forgetting my LJ/DW passwords. Basically what I'm saying is that I'm lazy.

2) Guys. Teen Wolf. Guys. (No, really). Read more... )

It's actually kind of hilarious and gory. If only the lead weren't so dull.

3) True Blood finale. Whaaaat was that. What. It's like they took all my hopes, dreams and fears for the finale, did them up like Shake&Bake, and called it an episode.

4) Finally, this. Started this ages ago, never finished it. I can't decide between porn or lulz. You tell me.

Avengers movieverse, Steve/Tony, Tony feeds Steve chocolate

Read more... )

Here's the deal, I'm going to write the ending of your choice. Although, you know, probably not in a timely manner. (This here, is exactly how seriously I take my art). Your options are:

1) Steve likes his chocolate so much that he wrestles Tony to the floor and thanks him.
2) Romcom hijinks resulting in a sexual frustration and pratfalls.
3) Dinosaurs.
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Love, Marriage, Dating, Children, Dating (Again)
(Harry Potter) Ron consults a self-help manual, in an effort to 'reignite the spark'.

Old fic reposted to AO3. Formatting was not fun. I put it off a year, no lie.

Girls Can Do Better
(Avengers) Janet takes Stephanie shopping and they talk about the meaning of the uniform.

Finally wrote a sequel to my lady!Cap story and it's... pretty much fluff.

And I've written a bit for Valtyr's Steve/Tony prompt and am thinking about Neotama's Castiel&Gabriel prompt. Mainly I had to quit because it's three in the morning, but I have more words. Guys, I am writing again. *_*
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So this is an unbetaed draft and about half of a fic. Tell me what you think.

She's long gone (1/2)
Inception/Supernatural crossover
Arthur, Eames, Mal/Dom ~2500
He was a hunter before he was an extractor.

Mal is a shade. His research doesn’t turn up who coined the phrase or when, but there’s reams of theory: 70% Jung, Freud and other dream enthusiasts; 30% military psych records, both observation and speculation.

In the early days, dream tech was buried under layers of alphabet soup bureaucracy and shell companies, secret enough that there was no one to call the things they did criminal. The records are accurate, dryly explicit like only military records can be. The first ‘shade’ is found in a five times deployed GI, name, rank and serial number redacted, and ‘he’ is a buddy from Iraq who’d woke up on the wrong side of an IED. They didn’t kill ‘him’ until they’d done a thorough study. Read more... )
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Today I made GIANT GODDAMN CANDY BROWNIES, and lo, they were tasty. I therefore endorse the making of candy brownies by all and sundry. Candy brownies: not just for kids anymore.

Today I also went into a minute long blackout rage over compact fluorescent light bulbs. Here is the thing: I have replaced my godsbedamned compact fluorescent light bulbs once already this year. Fleeing the six people in the living room watching Criminal Minds, I took my studying to my bedroom, only to find the lights burned out again. WTF COMPACT FLUORESCENT LIGHT BULBS, THIS IS NO KIND OF ECO FRIENDLINESS. My brain went: HISS CRACKLE POP, KILL CRUSH DESTROY. I have no patience for inanimate things. No patience at all.

Today I also continued my streak of crippling writers block. So come on, help a girl out. Hit me with a prompt for a drabble (drabble, I say), so I can attempt to put words to page, and then a whole lot of words to page.

Prompt me with:

any fandom you know me to be interested in
any rating, gen or shipfic
any scenario, the more implausible the better

And I will attempt to write something. Seriously. It has gotten this ridiculous.

ten stories

Mar. 9th, 2011 08:04 pm
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What's this? A meme that will allow me to talk about my stories? SOLD!

Ten Stories I'd Save (if I had to choose)

Love, Marriage, Dating, Children, Dating
Harry Potter | Epilogue compliant | Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny
Word Count - 12,800
Ron consults a self-help manual, in an effort to 'reignite the spark'.

Hands down, my favourite. I don't quite know how to rate my stories in terms of quality, but this is the one I like (love) the best. I loved coming up with the footnotes. I loved making fun of Ron's and Harry's continuing romantic ineptness. I loved selling the shit out the epilogue, which so many people hate. Read more... )
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I wrote something. I've been making notes for my [community profile] notgreenorblue fic (no, it's not done yet!) and it's been frustrating the hell out me. It wants to be a much bigger story than I want it to be. So I shifted my attention over to True Blood, picked up a prompt and wrote some flashfic. I'm really uncertain about my Tara voice, but what the hey. I can consider this a trial run.

Tara, no last name given
~1000, Tara/Eggs, Tara/Sookie
prompt: median
Tara's on the road to somewhere, where she's going to be somebody new.
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My paid account at LJ has done gone. I'm not sure that I'll renew it, as I just renewed my DW paid time and I'm not so frequent a poster and commenter that I actually need a paid account. The icons are nice, but I never read FreindsFreinds on LJ (too many entries!), while I frequently read my Network on DW. My layout isn't broken by ads, and you know, I can addblock without paying LJ for the convenience. Also, I find that I don't really want to give them money.

Which is a great seque into topic the second - my fic journal. I've had it for years now, and it's got my earliest, most terrible fic archived right next to my current stuff. I'm not ashamed of the old badfic - though it does make me wince - but I'm kind of tired of looking at it. I want a fresh start, but I'm waffling about how to go about it. New fic journal on DW? Delete the old badfic and continue on LJ? Post straight to ao3? *waffles*

And while we're talking about fic, [profile] neotama says it's ok to post fragments. As a procrastinator and over-scheduler extraordinaire, this is great news. (Happy to be enabled!) If I'm not super tired, there might be another piece of these tomorrow, but the Great Gazoo knows that's not something to count on.

SPN, Anna, Cas, Dean. The End, AU where Anna is human and traveling Dean and Cas. I have a feeling this might end in a threesome. (Apocalypse)

Read more... )

SPN, Ruby remembering her first time out of hell. Supposed to be part of a larger adventure/horror story with some Ruby/Meg. idek (Possession)

Read more... )
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... if I wasn't so damn busy. I had to default on another fic fest. Guys, if you see me even considering signing up for a fest? Step on my goddamn neck, because I am way too busy, GODDAMN.

And yet, Supernatural ficlets:

Castiel tries to give Sam a hug (... and is only partly successful)

Sweet Enough (Sam, Rumsfeld the dog, and a sunset)

The Weight (Dean goes for a drive. Finale compliant).

My only justification is that none are even 500 words long, and were banged out in the five minutes - here and there - I gave myself between other things.
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I don't post unfinished stories unless I've well and truly given up on them. I haven't given up on this one, but I am pretty stymied as to how it's going to play out. I figured, why not go in for some public humiliation? Maybe it'll motivate me to finish it! (Will be archived over at [ profile] martianhouse when complete).

For [ profile] scottyquick who wanted Steve talking about his sexuality. I haven't got to that part yet, but I hope you'll be satisfied with some cliche romcom-ness and bromance in the meantime.

Title: Big Gay American Love Story (1/2, WiP!)
Fandom: Avengers
Characters: Clint/Bobbi, Steve/Tony, Rhodey
Word Count: 5144
Summary: Steve is spending a lot of time at Tony's place. Clint thinks there's something going on.

When dinosaurs roamed the earth, Cap showed up in LA to help. That was Tuesday. On Wednesday, some joker with a freeze-ray crashed the set of Tom Cruise's latest. On Thursday the fridge broke down, and while that shouldn't rank with the antics of costumed jackasses, it absolutely did. Friday started out quiet, with him and Bobbi heading to the park for a picnic, but took a sudden turn to awesome, when a hot chick set herself on fire and challenged Bobbi to throw down. The following week there were lizard people, a time traveller, and dimension-hopping mice to deal with. Read more... )
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1. I finished another story. \o/ Ok, I finished a snippet that I'd promised to write about a million years ago. But hey, I finished something.

Like A Bond Girl
When Pepper met Carol. ~1600
A quickie attempt to integrate Carol into the Iron Man movieverse. I don't know if I got the characters quite right (especially since two of them are drunk), but this was just for fun.

2. I notice that my Die Hard post is empty of all you people who promised to join me in DH geekery. I am disappoint, flist. I don't usually come down on you with the pokey stick of peer pressure, but CONSIDER YOURSELVES POKED.

3. If I were to host a BAMF meme (possibly SPN only, possibly panfandom) in my journal (less work this way!) would you aid and abet in the pimping of it? And would one of you make a banner?
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The Sea Ice: -1.8 °C (28.8 °F)
Summary: O brave new world, that has such people in it.
Characters: Stephanie Rogers, original Avengers
Word Count: 2285

This is the first in a series of five short stories about Stephanie Rogers adjusting to the post-ice brave new world. This one is very much about her reaction to the original Avengers.

I've been saying that I needed to spend some time finishing stories, instead of starting new ones. It's what I've been spending most of my spare time on, and why I'm posting so much all of a sudden. I've got a couple of stories done (or almost done, if you discount the lack of a final scene) and in need of betaing. Anyone willing to do a read through of:

Steve, Tony, Happy Hogan. Post execute program, personal and philosphical drama. ~4500

Dean/Castiel. Post nonpocalypse, Castiel is leaving for a new mission. Dean isn't happy. Character death (probably, maybe) and heavy on the metaphysics. ~7000

Sam/Castiel. Post nonpocalypse. Snippets tracking the development of SASSY. ~4500

What I'm looking for is some help tying these bad boys off, a thumbs up/down, and some serious line edits. I'm noticing soooo many tics in my writing and I need someone to aggressively call me on that shit.

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