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[ profile] sequentialcrack is back and we need your input!

S_Crack is a comics recs comm for all kinds of fanworks, in all kinds of comics based fandoms. And we want your recs. OM NOM NOM YOUR BRAIN.

Right now we're doing an informal poll, to see what kinds of fandoms you want to see there most often, and what kind of fandoms you'd like to rec in. Go forth and comment.
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Someone (was it [personal profile] salinea?) asked about [ profile] sequentialcrack recently. It kind of fell by the wayside, as we couldn't find enough recers to keep it going. Is there interest in the comm? I'd be willing to revive it, if people (quite a few) were interested.

So you know, ask around.

2 things

Dec. 23rd, 2011 09:08 am
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1. Used this entry to make the comment pages on my LJ usable.

2. Women Write About Comics is live! With like, a topic, posting dates and everything. Please help spread the word.
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1. I'm writing something and I need make sure I've got some details correct:

In movieverse, how old is Tony Stark when his parents are killed? Are they killed in a car or plane crash? Also, he graduates MIT at 17 and takes over as CEO at 21, yes?

2. Can anyone rec me some good Emma/Charles XMFC fic?

3. I think Carol/Tasha Stark is more plausible than Carol/Tony. Thoughts?
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Time for a blog carnival for women and girls who write about comics!

Women Write About Comics
From the FAQ:

What’s this all about?

Women Write About Comics is a blog carnival; basically a giant blog crossover. In a blog carnival, a large group of disparate bloggers, get together to share their views on a specific topic. Our goal here is to forge new connections among women (and girls!) who love comics, and to make our voices heard.

How does this work?

The organizers, with input from participants, pick a specific topic and set posting dates. Participants post and link back to Women Write About Comics, which will maintain a masterlist of posts.

Who can participate?

Everyone. Established bloggers, pros, and fans of all stripes are welcome to participate. We ask, however, that you do so in good faith, honoring the topic and respecting other participants.

What can I post? Where can I post it?

Your post can be a blog entry, a video, a linkspam, a review, or pretty much anything you like, so long as it relates to our topic. We will link to entries hosted on all platforms, so long as they’re public. Please tag Tumblr and Twitter posts with “#womenoncomics.” The organizers will be tracking this tag, to make sure we don’t miss any entries.

When does posting begin?

*Dates to be determined. Once a topic is chosen, we will move forward with setting dates for the carnival, at which point this entry will be edited.

Can I help out?

Sure! We’d love to have your help advertising the carnival, or, when the time comes, collecting posts for our masterlist.

You can contact the maintainer in chief at themegsbenedict[at]gmail[dot]com.

Spread the word!
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I'm catching up on blog and school work, and so I'm spamming the shit out of everyone on my various accounts. Sorry about that, really. Anyway!

A thing I forgot to bring up previously: Gosh, that Castiel. He sure does die a lot. You know who else dies and comes back a lot? Jean Grey. That's right, host of the Phoenix Force. Ate a planet, beat the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. So Castiel. MAYBE HE IS ACTUALLY A PHOENIX HOST!?

Someone needs to do art of this. Manip, sketch, something. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. Although, I'm not sure why. Regardless.

We can declare this my LJ birthday, if that will help. (I just checked, there's no way to tell what the creation date of my old journal was). That would make me ten years LJ-old, if you were at all curious.


Nov. 11th, 2011 04:15 pm
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FYI: There's a Love Meme. I know some of you could use a round of hugs, so go forth and start a thread.

Also, free comics. I've got extra copies of Criminal #4 Bad Night and Preacher #5 Dixie Fried. They can be yours, if you can get over the knee-jerk anxiety of letting someone of my dubious character know your address.
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Peter Parker is too awesome a character to be reduced to the team mascot, everybody's kid, or the comic relief. He has one of the all time great superhero origin stories. In almost every continuity, he's one of the heroes most likely to come through for you. He's self-sacrificing, experienced, really, really smart, and all around too great to be an also ran. JUSTICE FOR PETER PARKER NAO.

(This journal just gets increasingly ridiculous with every post, doesn't it?)
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I'd like to sign up for the ST Secret Santa, but I'm kind of an enormous failure at meeting deadlines, so no. I was also toying with signing up for Avengers Bang (Jan gets trapped in Disney's Fairyland, oh shit), but see previous. Any time I talk about signing up for something, guys, discourage me. Reject me. I am not meant for exchanges! That way lies disappointment.

Anyway, here's a bit of something. This is a snippet of a 'non-fiction' piece on my version of Lady!Cap. I could never figure out where to take it, so here's what I've got. It has a very definite point of view, which isn't quite MY point of view. Opine away! Read more... )

...and then there was supposed to be an action story, but I can't seem to gather the energy to write it.

kay then

Oct. 22nd, 2011 11:44 am
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I've been looking through past entries, for tl;dr on Iron Man, because I'm trying to synthesize some of my WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN ideas about the character into a post about movie vs. comic Tony. There's so much in the comments, though, agh. For my own reference, my most useful, non-review Tony-related posts:

In Extremis and in Execute Program: Tony, Iron Man and war

Steve/America/Tony, the unspoken OT3 of the Steve/Tony ship: the American dream, the military industrial complex, and heroism

Carol's drinking: Carol, alcoholism, military culture and bad writing

And this week's some thoughts on movie Tony.

And related, I've decided to (fully, properly) read Fraction's IIM, (in order to make smarter comments about what Marvel's doing with the character these days), and I need your help. Basically, I need strategies to get through a book I know I'm going to be immensely annoyed by.

Is the solution alcohol? Selective reading? Issue by issue rant posts? Help me flist, I can't do it alone.
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Rambling about Tony, because he's on my mind again lately. When I say ramble, I mean it. This isn't an essay.

Movie Tony is a fantastic distillation of the entire history of the character. The Tony Stark we meet in Iron Man isn't original recipe Stan Lee Tony, from Tales of Suspense #9. He isn't the Tony Stark we get in innumerable retellings of his origin, or the Tony from his too many reboots and re-imaginings.

Movie Tony is ALL THE TONYS thrown into a characterization blender, with heavy emphasis on the aspects of the character and his history that are topical. Tony's wealth is contemporary--he's super rich, in the manner of Bill Gates (with an even cooler house). His weapons manufacturing has moved from the usual to the fantastic--SI produces the kind of wonderland weapons that come with million, hell, billion dollar price tags are are slowly bankrupting the DoD and the assorted arms of the American military. There's the obvious transistors to arc reactor update, but well, what's the real technological potential of arc reactor technology? Clean energy. And the blowing up of things, but. Read more... )
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In all the chaos of moving my crap and DIYing, I seem to have lost the Steve/Tony sketch (by [ profile] ani_bester) that [ profile] kijikun sent me a couple of years back, and I am legit upset by this.

Sometimes I surprise myself--I don't think of myself as being particularly invested in the pairing. I don't spend much time in the fandom, and I'm not really reading their respective ongoings right now. I'm not writing for them, (outside of my slow-moving choose-your-own-plot-point thing), and only sporadically reading the fic. I don't involve myself in the wank (oh god, the endless wank). But every once in a while I have a MY BB reaction to them as a unit. Are they one of the ~pairings of my heart now? And if so, shit, when did this happen?

Also, guys, I really want the Tasha/Steve version of movieverse, where they don't fall into bed right away, and when they do manage to become friends, Tasha keeps setting Steve up with more age appropriate women. And... and... past Tasha/Pepper and Tasha/Rhodey, with Tasha's private life being a subject of much (inaccurate) public speculation.
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One Day In The Park

The tranquility of Central Park's beloved petting zoo was disturbed today, by a new masked menace, calling himself The Ringmaster. The whip-wielding baddy descended on the park mid-morning, with the intention of turning the normally friendly ponies, goats, ducks and sheep, to his own dastardly purposes. The three classes of school children visiting the zoo, were grateful for the swift intervention by the Avengers. Captain America and Iron Man--


"I like dastardly. It's got character."

"This ain't no gossip rag. You're on city, Mike. City don't need character." Read more... )

Different version of And Pony Makes Three? This is my brain in its natural state, btw.
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"Look! Up in the sky!"

Mike looked. In New York it was always worth it. A man was riding a flying horse, chasing after a squad of jetpack equipped Hydra agents. "Is that... why is the Black Knight wearing the stars and stripes?"

"That's not the Black Knight," Icky said, already pulling out his iPhone.

"Holy shit! Captain America is riding a pony." Read more... )

Yeah, I don't know. Kind of for [personal profile] valtyr.
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I have 164 scans on imageshack tagged "caroldrink" and they're out of order. I'm trying to figure out what's more efficient: Going back to the original source and pulling pages, or reassembling the uploaded scans. Keeping in mind that those 164 pages were selected with ye olde Scans Daily's 1/2 rule in mind. The pages span Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man and... at least one other book that doesn't come immediately to mind. All which I have on hand, scanned. Going back to the originals would make summarizing easier but then, upload time. Tedious upload time.

To repost, or not to repost. Bleh.
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There are a couple of occasions I can think of where Misty says something like, "I love that crazy white girl." (I think in the Fraction run, and somewhere else). But Colleen is of course biracial and was raised in Japan - so what's up with the erasure? As if Danny Rand isn't problematic enough...

And on a related note - how is Colleen not getting more attention from writers? idgi
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[profile] neotama asked for my (comics) Flash ships, but I have only one (WALLY/LINDA FOREVER, OK?). So we're going with DCAU instead.

My M/F OTP: Bruce/Selina. Of course they're my DC ship to end all ships, in every universe and medium. There are Batfamily fans who don't love Batman, but I really, really do, and I love Catwoman... just a little bit more. Batman the Animated Series and their relationship on the show are the bedrock of how I see them, and how I ship them. Bruce/Selina, you guys. Do I need words!?

My M/M OTP: ... I guess you can see my guilty pleasure ship for this. I don't have many m/m ships in DCAU.

My F/F OTP: Kara/Courtney. Yes, based on one episode of JLU - I ship it like burning. This would be it. Maybe this counts as a crack OTP, but they're adorable. (PS. "Supergirl can melt you with her eyes!")

Also, Helena/every woman in the DCAU. Sorry Vic, you've got to share. Ok wait, DCAU Helena/Babs, y/y?

My OT3: Shayera/Mari/John. I think a good 75% of all love triangles would be best solved in a threesome, and this one, maybe most of all. Why should Shayera and Mari fight over John, when they'd work so well together, all three of them. And you know... it would totally be hot.

My endgame OTP: Diana/Barda. Based mostly on the absurdly titled Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. They're simply the best of the best, and like... nice too. I have this fantasy of their doing the whole domestic thing, interrupted only by international super-crises and matters of state.

My original OTP: Bruce/Selina, obvs.

My crack OTP: It's DCAU. So many crackships. Wally/Tala. Wally/Giganta. Harley/Dick. Krypto/my heart.

My guilty pleasure OTP: Bruce/Wally. Yeah, um. Bruce totally likes Wally, like, a lot. And there's some really hot fic. *ducks*

My anti-OTP: Clark/Bruce. *hiss spit yowl, various angry cat noises* Better as friends. This ship makes no sense to me, and breaks up two ships I've loved since childhood.
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I've picked up a Y: The Last Man prompt from [community profile] notgreenorblue. It's been an age since I finished and posted a fic, so we'll see how this goes--if I get a handle on it, I might pick up another one. Maybe Misty/Collen. <3 I think I want to write about how the clones affect society long term. And I want particularly to write about 355's legacy. So I'm kind of turning it over, thinking about structure and what the damn story is. Somehow Y has become one of my eternal fandoms, like Star Trek and Buffy. I'll always come back to you baby.

Speaking of Buffy--my god, season eight. MY GOD. HOW AWFUL CAN YOU GET? Did any of you guys stick with it? I ship Buffy/Angel but this was exactly the opposite of what I hoped for. DDD:

Also, I'm fiddling around with a short Buffy fic, so if anyone would like to chat about that with me...
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Prompt claiming is open at [community profile] notgreenorblue, a ficathon dedicated to celebrating characters of color in comics.

Because characters of color are awesome. Comics are awesome. Combining them is pretty much the highest level of awesome.
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If I was writing a Wonder Woman movie I'd borrow from Perez, Rucka and Simone, and start the film with a lengthy Star Trek-like prologue/action sequence that introduces the audience to the Amazon's mission and lifestyle, and Diana's place in that world.

So we'd open on an ancient Greek battlefield, historically accurate save for the fantastical elements (giant serpents, a Pegasus or two), with the Amazons battling an army whose champion is Hercules. Close on Hippolyta and her closest warriors, all of whom are suitably impressive. We get some sense of the history between Hercules and Hippolyta. Later we see the founding of Paradise Island, the Queen's guard and the birth of Diana. All of this before the credits. This way we emphasize the importance of Diana's culture and of her sisters.

Then I'd go the traditional origin story route: Steve Trevor's crash, the contest, Diana's trip to Man's world, her battle with Ares. Incorporating elements of Rucka's pantheon, rather than just going the Perez route. I'm torn on whether or not to include the Kapatelis family. I might close with Diana being appointed Paradise Island's Ambassador to the UN, to set up for Ferdinand et al.

So not too different from the recent cartoon, but subtracting all of its Steve Trevor Is A Dick, Battle of the Sexes shenanigans, and incorporating some of Rucka's and Simone's additions to Diana canon. I'd like Steve to be an ambiguous love interest - hinted at but nothing terribly explicit. Instead I'd emphasize Diana's friendships with Steve, Etta, and Vanessa, as the means to her learning about Man's World and appreciating different parts of it.

What would your Wonder Woman movie look like?

LOLETA: This just went up!

io9 -- Why is Captain America ruling our screens and not Wonder Woman?
On the face of it, both heroes are about equally dated. They both seem like examples of the kind of big, brassy jingoism that made sense in World War II, and doesn't really "click" now. And they're both very much "gee golly"-style Golden Age heroes, who are best suited to fight villains whose heads are red or giant, or both. Unlike Superman, who's been updated a lot, and Batman, whose roots are more noir/pulp, Cap and Wonder Woman are indelibly products of the Big One.

But Captain America already has a huge new movie, which flaunts the World War II setting in a kind of Private Ryan-style war movie with supervillains. And meanwhile, David E. Kelley shopped around a Wonder Woman TV pilot to every network, with no takers. (Although Kelley insists the show isn't dead, and he's going to try again.) And Entertainment Weekly had a huge feature a couple months ago, in which luminaries including would-be Wonder Woman director Joss Whedon talked about the difficulties bringing the princess to the screen — with Whedon saying that we need more wonder women, but not necessarily more Wonder Woman.

Why is Captain America ruling our screens and not Wonder Woman?Image via JD Hancock on Flickr.

So why is one World War II hero bigger than ever, while the other is languishing in biker-chick-redesign land in the comics? It's not just because Steve Rogers is a dude. It has to do with how easy they each are to bring out of the era that spawned them.

Read more.

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