Jan. 17th, 2012 05:47 pm
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I'm pushing forward with my Finish Old Crap project, and I've got another Kripked Supernatural story about ready to go. It's going to be ~10,000 when I'm done with it. Dean/Castiel, unspoken starcrossed romance, bittersweet ending and metaphysics. It's much tighter than my previous Old Crap story, but there are some desert dry parts, and I could use some advice on the Kripked elements and a general read through.

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Some of you have seen parts of this before.

In Still Water, We See
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, ~12500
Castiel died. The Apocalypse was put off. Sam and Dean went back to their pre-angel life less ordinary. A year later Bobby called with the good news, Cas was back and he was sticking around for awhile.

I finally just said fuck it, and posted the damn thing. It's been taunting me for years. I mean, it could use SO MUCH editing, but emotionally, I'm done with this monster. DONE. Maybe next week I'll write a post about this stupid story, and all my enormous feelings about its blah-blah-blah-ness, and why 90% of it takes place in Bobby's kitchen. Because OMG. I wrote about two thirds of it in season five, and just got back to it recently. It's unfinished-ness was pissing me off.

Anyway, I'm really not selling this, huh? It's an ok read, though, despite the fact that nothing happens in it. Seriously, shutting up now. (THIS STORY).
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The Sky To Fall

Captain America: The First Avenger | Stephanie/Peggy | ~2000
For all that Agent Carter and Captain America, weren't dames like other dames, there were some things even they couldn't get away with.

Still as foofy as the WiP I posted (last week?) but with more closure.


Dressed Like Hell
Supernatural | Ruby | ~2500
Warnings: unambiguously evil!Ruby, possession, violence.
Baby's first time out of the pit.

This is part character study and part world building. It's been hanging around my gdocs for ages, and I finally decided to just post it.
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I'm catching up on blog and school work, and so I'm spamming the shit out of everyone on my various accounts. Sorry about that, really. Anyway!

A thing I forgot to bring up previously: Gosh, that Castiel. He sure does die a lot. You know who else dies and comes back a lot? Jean Grey. That's right, host of the Phoenix Force. Ate a planet, beat the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. So Castiel. MAYBE HE IS ACTUALLY A PHOENIX HOST!?

Someone needs to do art of this. Manip, sketch, something. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. Although, I'm not sure why. Regardless.

We can declare this my LJ birthday, if that will help. (I just checked, there's no way to tell what the creation date of my old journal was). That would make me ten years LJ-old, if you were at all curious.
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So I've started watch SPN season 7, and OMG I AM EXCITE. Should I:

a) Watch the next couple of eps, then backtrack and finish season six.

b) Finish season six, then catch up with season seven.

I am torn.
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I need an apocalyptic beta of a Supernatural story. Third in my series (it's a series now? ok...) of demon stories. Basically a horribly violent character study of Ruby. ~3000 words. Apocalyptic because right now it has a case of the blah blahs, and a weak ending. Maybe there should be traumatic flashbacks--idk.

Any takers?


May. 22nd, 2011 01:16 pm
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Now that season six is over I should... start watching it, right? Or should I?

Flist, I am relying on you: watch or don't watch?

ten stories

Mar. 9th, 2011 08:04 pm
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What's this? A meme that will allow me to talk about my stories? SOLD!

Ten Stories I'd Save (if I had to choose)

Love, Marriage, Dating, Children, Dating
Harry Potter | Epilogue compliant | Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny
Word Count - 12,800
Ron consults a self-help manual, in an effort to 'reignite the spark'.

Hands down, my favourite. I don't quite know how to rate my stories in terms of quality, but this is the one I like (love) the best. I loved coming up with the footnotes. I loved making fun of Ron's and Harry's continuing romantic ineptness. I loved selling the shit out the epilogue, which so many people hate. Read more... )
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Is unicorn blood too morbid to serve as an angel intoxicant?

If Castiel, Uriel and Balthazar are going to be drinking buddies, well, they'll need something to drink.

Any other suggestions? Fermented scarab beetle... ? The stranger the better.
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the dramatic confrontation

"I'll send you a memo."

"Goddamn it, no. No more memos, Cas." Read more... )


Mar. 1st, 2011 02:48 pm
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So, I have a pressing need for a SPN AU where heaven is a by turns stultifying and cruel bureaucracy, and Sam and Dean's challenge is to get Castiel to put away the paperwork, stop sending them memos on how to stop the Apocalypse, step away from his desk and kick some fucking ass.


- Castiel and Balthazar have adjoining cubicles and communicate their mutual disgust and disenchantment through coded email subject lines and raised eyebrows.

- Uriel as their OTT drinking buddy. That is, when they can actually get out of the office and into the bar. He enjoys deconstructing pop music and expounding on the failures of humanity.

- Zacariah as their smarmy boss, obsessed with TPS reports and ruining the lives of as many people (and angels) as possible.

"Nine to five? Freaking humans don't know how lucky they have it. Try nine to five thousand. Yeah, years."

"I have just filed my 5,475,000th TPS report," Castiel says.

"Nice work, buddy." Balthazar's reply is muffled by the walls of his cubicle. Neither angel looks up from their computer screen.

Castiel sighs. His fingers holding steady above the keys, hands in the ergonomically correct position for typing. "In all these years, I have yet to receive even a confirmation email."

"You know how Zacariah is."

"There are moments where I..."

The noise of Balthazar's determined speed-typing comes to a skittering, no doubt typo-causing halt. "What?"

"Wonder what the point is."

Balthazar teleports himself and his desk chair into Castiel's cubicle with a faint pop, and grabs hold of Castiel's shoulders. Castiel makes a note to remind him about the importance of posture. "Are you questioning the importance of TPS reports?"

"I think... perhaps I am," Castiel whispers bleakly.

Is there such a story?
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I'm supposed to be studying. Of course I'm doing a meme.

[personal profile] noracharles asked for my Supernatural ships:

My M/F OTP: Dean/Lisa. Trust me, I know. I KNOW. I was surprised by how much I liked them in the first few eps of this season. But I think they're a genuinely sweet couple and had the show decided to keep Lisa and Ben major characters, I could see her transitioning into a (less badass) Ellen-like figure. I don't know... I think that should Dean ever get over himself, he and Lisa could have a chance at a functional adult relationship. I think Lisa gets more than he's really comfortable with. And that's a good thing.

(Runner up: Sam/Ruby. Worst. Fan. Ever).

My M/M OTP: Dean/Castiel. IT'S RIGHT THERE ON THE SCREEN, OMG. Not in the sense of it being canon, but simply, I ship Dean/Castiel as a direct extension of their onscreen relationship. Just with the addition of a romantic element. From hateship, to desperate unlikely alliance, to eventual friendship - it's the progression that I like. The slow getting to know and appreciate each other, in the middle of the freaking apocalypse. The small moments of intimacy, counterbalanced by moments where they can't communicate, can't understand each other at all, because they're so alien. Also, you know, they're fun.

My F/F OTP: Bela/Ruby. Why yes, I am aware that they shared NO SCREEN TIME to speak of, but nevertheless. The hotness is undeniable. As is their potential to be a wily, amoral Bonnie&Bonnie, stealing things and kicking the shit out of the white hats. Come on now. (Fuuuck, I need to write this).

My OT3: I don't have a romantic OT3 for SPN... but my friendship OT3 is Sam/Dean/Castiel. They are hilarious together, ok? I will not hear otherwise. And more, they've got a wonderfully complicated dynamic. Castiel can't get between Sam and Dean. Sam can't offer Dean the kind of friendship that Castiel can. And Dean can't be the kind of ally to Sam that Castiel can. Castiel also... lightens the load for the brothers, and can (S4) make things easier between them. He keeps them from falling into the tired schtick of previous years.

My endgame OTP: Sam/Castiel. They're smart, ruthless, and absolutely willing to compromise themselves for the win. Castiel is completely unwilling to indulge Sam's self-pitying tendencies and the same is true of Sam. Instead they push each other to do more, go farther, to get shit done, and they're utterly unsentimental wrt their relationship. And let's face it, taking Dean out the picture would... probably result in their doing some pretty fucked up shit in the name of good.

My original OTP: Dean/Castiel. And still going strong.

My crack OTP: Hmm. Bobby/Hat? Not sure that I have one. Now that I think about, Bobby/Hat has some serious potential. They do seem to be awfully close...

My guilty pleasure OTP: It's Superntural! Guilty pleasure from start to finish, you know? I'm not sure what sort of deviance I'd have to wholeheartedly ship, for me to actually feel guilt.

My anti-OTP: Romantic Sam/Dean. Sam&Dean 4eva! I'm wracking my brain for a canon ship that really rubbed me the wrong way... maybe early Dean/Lisa, circa end of S4. Generally I've found the canonical relationships (romantic and otherwise), to be just fine. I'm more likely to get in a tizzy over repetitiveness, regressive characterization, and the show's general socio-political backwardness. *cringe* But on the whole, they do a good job with familial relationships and friendships, and a so/so job with romantic relationships.

Next up: X-Men, Dexter, DCAU.


Jan. 29th, 2011 01:10 pm
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I need to catch up on Supernatural. OH MAN. That is all.

Also, let's do a meme, ok?

Name a fandom I'm familiar with and I'll give you:

My OT3:
My endgame OTP:
My original OTP:
My crack OTP:
My guilty pleasure OTP:
My anti-OTP:


Jan. 27th, 2011 08:44 pm
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[ profile] nickelmountain read my story Wolf Like Me, and I love it. <3

Wolf Like Me
Pairing: Bela/Meg
Spoilers: Through the beginning of Season 4
File Size: 28MB
Length: 0:30:45
Summary: Meg takes Bela off the rack.
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Sweetwater, ~11,500
Dean/Cas, (Sam and Bobby) One big happy post-apocalyptic, itinerant family. Domesticity, trauma.
Missing about 5-10 words of middle but possibly functions (awkwardly) as is? Old canon, they never met Crowley.

Read more... )

It was supposed to continue from here into a big adventure/road trip/romance thing but yeah.
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The Last Days of Winter
Dean/Castiel, ~8000 words
Old, old canon. After the final battle, Castiel is going back to heaven. Dean doesn't want him to leave and Castiel just wants him to see.

Read more... )

TBC? idek The problem here is old canon and old fanon. It's not that I lost enthusiasm for the story--I just lost enthusiasm for continually adjusting it as I wrote.
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Ok, so I'm going to spam you now, with fic I'm probably not going to finish. This story was tentatively titled "In Between". I started writing it in [personal profile] kijikun's journal as commentfic and got 6000 words in before I lost my way and canon moved forward.

In Between
Sam/Castiel, ~6000 words.
Assume a happier end to last season. Dean wants a normal life, Sam wants to keep hunting, and Castiel wants to help.

Read more... )

...and then other stuff happens, most of it good. TBC? Only Gaga knows. (Seriously, it's unlikely but thanks for reading).

caught up!

Oct. 30th, 2010 01:24 pm
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I've finally caught up on SPN! But I... don't really have any profound thoughts on this season. I'm enjoying it, but not passionate about it. I think we've got an interesting beginning, but not enough has happened yet.

The high point for me so far was the Bobby episode, and I have to say, I'm liking how they're handing Dean/Lisa+Ben. (Disown me if you must!) I'm a bit wary of how they're handling Sam and would like to see some Sam pov episodes, but I'm willing to give them some rope on this one.

So catch me up on the fandom, guys. Anyone left in a huff over the lack of Sam/Dean/Cas/ponies? How are people reacting to Dean/Lisa, or Sam's situation?
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So I'm on the second episode of a season six Supernatural catchup marathon, and you guys. You guys.

I need some sort of "baby stew" icon in my life, goddamn.
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I'm so out of touch with everything, lord. This is a busybusy month for me and everything but my most important commitments is apparently subject to slack.

Still, I've got some fandom goings on, which I'm squeezing between dress fittings, brawls with provincial bureaucrats and applying for things.

The first thing is the podfic project at SPN Femslash Exchange, which I am not involved in, but am excited about nonetheless. Since I wrote a fic for the exchange last year, I might be seeing a podfic adaptation of one of my stories for the first time. This is unspeakably cool and I'm eager to listen to all the podfics when they're done.

The second thing, is that I'm actually posting a story. MY GOD, it has been a while. It's on the Inception meme and so anon, but that's really kind of freeing. Not that I have a large audience for my writing as it is, but being completely anon is... relaxing. I've also started writing - I am so sad, really - an Inception/Supernatural crossover. Kind of. No Winchesters or angels exactly, but perhaps some Bela, Tamara, Ellen or Rufus. It's for another meme request, because I apparently have no ideas of my own these days.

On that note, I signed up for an Original Fic Bingo card, because original fiction is where I want to concentrate more of my energy these days. Just exercising those muscles, and getting into the habit of submitting things will, I think, be good for me, regardless of the quality of the stories, or of the rejection slips. I recently realized that hey, if I want something to happen, I need to take actual, concrete steps toward my goals (o rly?).

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