Apr. 8th, 2012 07:46 pm
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I can't remember how I got into the show in the first place, but I watched the first season in two days and now I'm a confirmed fan. The cast is a delight, although I find the lead and his dramadramadrama can get tiresome--they need to either kill off Trevor in the second season (or send him to prison), or amp up those kinds of plots considerably. They seemed to increasingly become an afterthought, as the season progressed, even while the show took the time to hang lampshade on top of lampshade, on Mike's poor life choices.

Generally, I really liked the first season. It's light, and quick, and fun, and my goodness, the cast is just so much fun. Harvey, Donna, Louis and Jessica can come over for tea and NEVER LEAVE. Mike too, if he doesn't spend the afternoon complaining about how mean Harvey is.

One thing that's interesting is how many visual echoes there are from Mad Men. They're very different shows, and I'm not suggesting that Suits is trying to be a kind of Mad Men Lite (it's really really not), but the set decoration, costuming, and hair and makeup, are full of callouts to Mad Men nostigia-fetishim, and to you know, the actual entertainment of that bygone era. Harvey Specter, you guys, even his posture. And then it's contrasted with Mike's skinny ties and sometimes-dishevelment, all the women in positions of power, and the less sea-of-white offices of Pearson Hardman.

I think this would be a fun show to review... Is there good Suits meta? I'd like to read about Mike, the American Dream, the criminal self-made man, and the resurgence of Greed Is Good.

PS. Jessica has amazing hair. Just amazing.


May. 22nd, 2011 01:16 pm
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Now that season six is over I should... start watching it, right? Or should I?

Flist, I am relying on you: watch or don't watch?
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So yeah. New Beastie Boys:

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two by Beastie Boys

And a new video about the upcoming True Blood season:

Read more... )

Yeah, I'm excited.

Truly, this day is blessed. I am declaring a goddamn holiday, ok?
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If I wrote RPF (idk it's weird and hard and I'm time-challenged), I would write a crossover where sarcastic, anti-moto, uber-nerd Brad Colbert's (Generation Kill) new CO is sarcastic, anti-moto, hard-drinking, poor little rich boy Lewis Nixon (Band of Brothers).

a macro

Nov. 27th, 2010 01:18 pm
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Read more... )

When Generation Kill was airing I watched bits and pieces. I've got vague plans to watch it in its entirety some time soon. Preferably with my navy friend, because complaining about the stupidity of US generals is great sport, and Operation Iraqi Freedom offers so many, many opportunities. "Hey guize, let's send our amphibious specialists to do policing, okay?"

(See also: The time they sent Rangers to do peace keeping making, oh god somebody plz think of the civilians, are you seriously on drugs now?)

(See also also: The ridiculously high numbers of civilian and ally casualties they consider acceptable, so long as they get to keep flying their planes and bombing stuff, oorah, hoorah or whatever nonse word they prefer in the air force! And on a related note: The very idea that they can Save The World through carpet bombing.)

Band of Brothers first though--another mini I've never seen in full, and am now catching up on. I love HBO miniseries for the HEY IT'S THAT GUY casting, and you know, a multitude of other reasons, chief among them quality. Anyway, I'm on episode three and Easy Company is about to be sent back to France to die some more. Thoroughly enjoying it so far, although I'm not really clicking with the characters.

I am also horribly behind on Supernatural (yes, again). Which tells you how invested I am this year. I don't dislike the season. It's fun, interesting, a little bit different and refreshing, but... it's not effectively competing for my attention (in my limited free time), not when there's ~*~Walking Dead~*~. idk SPN, you are lackluster somehow.
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This movie was shot in my city and it's so so easy to recognize streets, parks and buildings. It is, in fact, a Canadian movie that was subtly un-Canadianized for an American audience. Which, hey man, awesome because it did get the film a wider audience, thereby ensuring that more people understood how blisteringly hot Rutina Wesly is. So there's that. It also happens to be an unashamedly motivational dance movie, and I have suuuch a weakness for that stuff. True Blood people, have you seen HSM yet? If not, why not? Go go go.

PS. I am seriously dying for some good Tara fic, or Tara&Sookie fic--anyone have a lead on some worthwhile stories?
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I didn't make it through the first episode, and skipped to the second. From there it was an absolute grind until the Dexter&Lumen relationship developed, no lie.

Some things: (spoilers, of course) Read more... )

SPN finale

May. 13th, 2010 10:06 pm
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No doubt some of you will disown me, but I'm generally satisfied and would have been happy with it as the series finale (with some adjustments obviously). It was... pretty much what I expected. With a couple of surprises good and bad, along the way. It would have been more satisfying if the season as a whole had been stronger, but yeah. Read more... )
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Had the bones of a good episode: solid story, interesting characters and performances, but something about it fell flat. Maybe the pacing, maybe the freaking cinematography - I don't know. I'd have to watch again to pin it down but it was lacking. Read more... )
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Hindus are upset over the depiction of their gods in "Hammer of the Gods" episode in the "Supernatural" TV series reportedly aired on April 22 and say that such trivialization of their sacred deities was disturbing.

Acclaimed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that Lord Ganesh and Goddess Kali were highly revered in Hinduism and such absurd depiction of them with no scriptural backing was hurtful to the devotees. Ganesh and Kali were meant to be worshiped in temples or home shrines and not to be thrown around loosely in re-imagined versions for dramatic effects in TV series.

Read More.

I don't buy arguments that the writers didn't know what they were doing. Of course they knew - that's why they came up with the idea of gods eating people in the first place. (Pagans + cannibalism = you know what the hell it equals!) They've extended it from ancient pagan gods, to those of contemporary world religions and of course they knew that people would be offended. They also knew that by throwing in some fights and a world turtle joke, a lot more people would laugh it off.

On the other hand, I don't think that they were deliberately tying to hurt people. They were ~pushing boundaries with their edgy humor. Rationalization, right? They knew people would be offended, but you know, it's just a tv series, and what's a little cannibalism between friends? We're writing fake!gods who eat people, so why should we research them thoroughly? La la la. That, I think is the thought process: We aren't trying to depict actual gods and goddesses, so why should we bother with accuracy?

I think... I think Stargate handled gods-as-people-exploiting-creatures better.

And it's funny. The episode was undeniably offensive, but I can see why they went there. It makes sense in their internal mythology. They'd already established that 'pagan gods' were actually creatures who fed off of humanity's devotion, and sometimes even its flesh. They'd already more or less established that the Abrahamic god was THE god. So it's easier from a storytelling perspective to make all contemporary gods into pagan gods. They don't have to deal with the issue of rival pantheons, or rival apocalypses. Not really. But that's an easy choice that leads to some bad - and hard to resolve - results. The better choice may have been to showcase an assembly of cannibal-gods from extinct religions. Another option was to introduce the gods earlier in the season, and treat them with some kind of narrative respect. Developed them as individual supporting characters. Or even developed the idea of pagan gods more thoroughly.

What do you think? How could they have maintained their "the gods are a sham! also, they eat people" thing, and not racefailed all over the place? Can that problematic trope be presented in a non-racist (albeit not unproblematic) way? Point me to some fiction where this was done really well.

Yes, this post was inspired by the numerous threads on the anonmeme.

Also, hey, speaking of the anonmeme - I fully anonfailed there the other day and asked for recs from the latest D/C exchange. None were forthcoming. Got any for me flist?
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Last week's episode was so utterly meh that I couldn't be bothered to do a reaction post. This week gave me a bit more to work with. Spoilers. Read more... )

Last post of the day, I swear!


Oct. 8th, 2009 11:40 pm
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As most of you crazy kids know, my new obsession last year was Supernatural. I've just spent the last few weeks catching up on the series, and have now seen the whole damn thing through, and some episodes multiple times. Here's a list of things I've come to appreciate about the show: Read more... )
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So the brother and sat down to watch the Supernatural premiere. Joining us, was the brother's girlfriend, who's watched the show a handful of times, and was mostly clueless about the whole thing. Still, a good time was had by all. I'm in more of a bed mood, than a review mood, so I'm just going to note a couple of things. Read more... )
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So what was Sam intended to get out of the office life fantasy? He seemed to 'learn' that:

1) He would be woefully underused and bored in a real-world setting.

2) Dean is awesome, and Sam wants to be with him.

The very next week he's back on the Dean-is-weak thing, and the 'lesson' he seems to have retained is the one about how not-normal, and definitely special he is. And this week spoilers )

Was there another lesson Sam was supposed to learn that I've missed? What do you guys think he took away from the experience? I'm wondering if he wouldn't see it as a punishment - Dean gets to play at being an executive; Sam gets to be tech support. He's already suspicious of the angels...

Also, a question for you longtime watchers, about Thursday's ep. Read more... )
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I know there are a few of you on the flist. Can someone point me to meta, if there is any, about Uriel? I'd like to know what the fandom thinks about:

1. His distaste for humanity. Especially the 'mud monkey' thing.

2. The decision to cast a pretty white man as the 'guardian angel', and a black man as the 'heavy' angel. Does the fandom think this is significant?

3. His future on the show.
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Thanks for the drabble prompts guys. I'm thinking them over in between working on my essays. Currently on deck are my multilateralism final, and my gender/international relations term paper.

I had an interesting entry planned but I got distracted by overly large preview images on [ profile] scans_daily and an extremely long, and painfully twee Merlin fic, that I read through for NO REASON I CAN DISCERN. After who knows how many pages, I'm left with an overwhelming desire to never read that pairing again. Still, it was a way to pass the time during the morning's many applications of caffeine-to-brain that are necessary during this period of mental and physical torture we call finals.

I also happened to catch the Tyra Show. I freaking hate the Tyra Show, but I sometimes watch it, in one of those inexplicable fits of masochistic, self-loathing. Today's ep was about the Growing Problem of Girl Fighting. They showed an amateur fight vid, with one girl on the ground, another one kicking her ribs. The audience was dutifully shocked and appalled. Tyra talked about her 'one and only fight' as a ten year old girl. I'm fairly certain she had no idea how ridiculous the comparison was. I'm one hundred percent certain that she didn't understand the issue at all. Less moralizing and more listening please, Tyra. And less OMG YOUNG LADIES! flailing.

When a thirteen year old girl tells you she likes fighting because it makes her feel powerful/important/hard? Don't dismiss it. Don't try to rationalize it. Don't just tell her she's wrong, wring the moment for a couple of cheap tears and move on to the next guest. Christ.
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Left For Dead has given me a new band: Elbow - Grounds for Divorce. Great song. Great looking game. I might be able to run it on my iMac...

In other zombie news, who watched Dead Set? For those out of the know, it's a Zombiepocalpse mini series, set in the Big Brother House. Boyle/Snyder running zombies fused with all the media commentary, tragedy and satire of Romero. Simon Pegg likes it (you trust Simon Pegg, don't you?) though he wants to remind you, that zombies don't run! If you're a Brit, all the eps are available on E4. Otherwise, it's up on a variety of streaming sites, and since we're only talking about five episodes, you have no excuse. Do you?
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Entourage 5.6: This wasn't my favourite episode of the season. The E/Vince plot dragged. The Ari plot was tepid, until that golden last act. The Drama/Turtle plot was aces. spoilers )

Last week's ep though, is one I'll be coming back to. Not just for the hijinks, (and they were high quality hijinks indeed) but also because of spoilers )

Dexter 3.3: I'm loving Jimmy Smitts' presence on the show. It almost makes up for the loss of Doakes.

True Blood: The first episode of this show was such a mess, wasn't it? I was ready to right it off but since I get it On Demand and had some time to kill, I spreed through the next three eps. My god does it ever improve! By 1.5 I'm hooked on the lolarity of Jason Stackhouse, the unadulterated awesome of Tara and Lafayette and marginally intrigued by the mystery killer. I'm still not quite sold on Anna Paquin as a poor Southern belle, and am weirdly kind of indifferent to most of the vampire characters, but there's enough there to keep me watching.

I know there are a bunch of you reading the books - anyone else watching the show?

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