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Couple things:

1) Damn, I am the actual worst. I have an absurd backlog of comments to get through, I am aware. I haven't been responding to comments in a timely manner, largely because I've been afk for months, and responding from my phone was complicated by my... forgetting my LJ/DW passwords. Basically what I'm saying is that I'm lazy.

2) Guys. Teen Wolf. Guys. (No, really). Read more... )

It's actually kind of hilarious and gory. If only the lead weren't so dull.

3) True Blood finale. Whaaaat was that. What. It's like they took all my hopes, dreams and fears for the finale, did them up like Shake&Bake, and called it an episode.

4) Finally, this. Started this ages ago, never finished it. I can't decide between porn or lulz. You tell me.

Avengers movieverse, Steve/Tony, Tony feeds Steve chocolate

Read more... )

Here's the deal, I'm going to write the ending of your choice. Although, you know, probably not in a timely manner. (This here, is exactly how seriously I take my art). Your options are:

1) Steve likes his chocolate so much that he wrestles Tony to the floor and thanks him.
2) Romcom hijinks resulting in a sexual frustration and pratfalls.
3) Dinosaurs.
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I hope Tara can change for the better.

You hope Tara can change for the better? I hope she'll be happy some day. I hope Sookie can change for the better, and figure out her priorities. Like hey, maybe putting her best friends and family before her boyfriends for a change. Humph.

In other news, I saw Captain America and a bunch of set photos for the Avengers movie and... I want it now... and I want to write Steve/Tony again. Sigh.
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So yeah. New Beastie Boys:

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two by Beastie Boys

And a new video about the upcoming True Blood season:

Read more... )

Yeah, I'm excited.

Truly, this day is blessed. I am declaring a goddamn holiday, ok?
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I wrote something. I've been making notes for my [community profile] notgreenorblue fic (no, it's not done yet!) and it's been frustrating the hell out me. It wants to be a much bigger story than I want it to be. So I shifted my attention over to True Blood, picked up a prompt and wrote some flashfic. I'm really uncertain about my Tara voice, but what the hey. I can consider this a trial run.

Tara, no last name given
~1000, Tara/Eggs, Tara/Sookie
prompt: median
Tara's on the road to somewhere, where she's going to be somebody new.
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This movie was shot in my city and it's so so easy to recognize streets, parks and buildings. It is, in fact, a Canadian movie that was subtly un-Canadianized for an American audience. Which, hey man, awesome because it did get the film a wider audience, thereby ensuring that more people understood how blisteringly hot Rutina Wesly is. So there's that. It also happens to be an unashamedly motivational dance movie, and I have suuuch a weakness for that stuff. True Blood people, have you seen HSM yet? If not, why not? Go go go.

PS. I am seriously dying for some good Tara fic, or Tara&Sookie fic--anyone have a lead on some worthwhile stories?
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So much hotter in Generation Kill than in True Blood, y/y?

Eric just... has the worst goddamn hair and dress sense. The weirdly cut tank tops. The track pants. I weep.
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My writing resolution for 2010 is: moar ladies. More LGBTQ ladies. More ladies of colour. More young ladies, old ladies, fat ladies and skinny ladies.

On a semi-related note, here are some stories that I want, but probably won't write, since my to-write list is utterly ridiculous as is:

1) Natasha Stark is a trans woman. She created Iron Man before she started transitioning.

2) Welcome to the X-Men Sookie Stackhouse, I hope you survive the experience! "I am not wearing spandex. OR a leather catsuit." "Short shorts yay, spandex nay?"

3) Severus Snape moves to Gotham. Everybody seems to think he's a supervillain. Really, he just wants to raise mandrake roots, brew potions and write scathing letters to the editor, in peace.

4) Batgirl, Wonder Girl and Supergirl trade lives for a day. Hijinks ensue.

5) Colleen and Misty join the Lady Liberators.

6) SV!Lana Lang is Kawatche. She becomes a shape-shifting superheroine.
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Y: The Last Man

I was on a years long break from comics, when I read a review of this and several other comic books For Grown Ups. Y: the Last Man (and Preacher) are entirely responsible for my getting back into comics, and now I mod a comics community, a comics-fanworks recing community, and I'm trying to write my own! I love comics, and I've loved them since I was a kid, but for a while there I was burned out. Y: the Last Man both reminded me of all the things I adored about funny books, and reminded me of their great potential - to be moving, ambitious, hilarious, tragic. Read more... )

C J Cherryh - Fortress series

Cherryh is one of my favourite SF/F writers, and Fortress is, I think, one of her tighter universes. Fortress is what happens when you apply SF style world building to a fantasy series: you get intimate details of political alliances, the economics of trade, warfare and the supernatural. Because it's Cherryh, there's layer after layer of character development, personal conflicts, cultural mixups, and so very much detail. She's created a system of the supernatural, differentiating between magic, wizardry and sorcery, laying out the possibilities and practices of each, but managed to retain a sense of the numinous. Not to mention, the characters. <3 Read more... )

Caroline Stevermer - College of Magics series

Ok, Faris Nallaneen? Wins at life as far as I'm concerned. As does Stevermer, who built such a lovely fantasy world in this series. Intrigue on trains! Magical hats! Highway men! Rides in early limos! Shopping in Paris! It's all so much fun, made even more fun by how badly it chafes Faris. A College of Magic is a great coming of age tale, with political finagling, and and understated love story thrown in as bonuses. It's filled to the brim with deep and abiding friendships, complicated family dynamics, and conflicting loyalties. And it's funny. Read more... )

True Blood

I was not blown away by the first episode, but by the third, I was hooked. I have so much love for this show and all its insanity, sexiness, twists, turns and over-heated drama. What I like best about True Blood, is how it balances the relentless advance of the (insane) plot, with screwball hilarity, and small moments of humanity. It's like every once in a while the show takes a breath, gets serious, and real, and sometimes devastating, and then before you've had time to process it, it's back to strippers, cultists, and psychic waitresses playing super hero. Read more... )
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Haven't been posting here. Or anywhere else, really. Holy fashesus busy!

Went a horror festival, and a geek con. Dined in absolute darkness. Did some wine tasting. Saw some old friends, who were in from Afghanistan and other exciting locales. Went to a handful of parties. Graduation, going away, and otherwise. Worked like a maniac, completed several home improvement projects, got blisteringly drunk, and drowned in a metric shit-tonne of bureaucratic bullshit.

Now to catch up on all the things I haven't been doing.

True Blood: Jason Stackhouse is quickly becoming the most entertaining character on this show. Am experiencing creeping dread re Eric being Spike 2.0.

Mad Men: am still waiting for wild eyed, craaaaazy Betty to make an appearance, but am comforted with copious amounts of Peggy and Joan awesome.

Entourage: boring this season. y/y?

Hung: who is watching this insanely fun show? [Exclamation mark, exclamation mark]

Dexter: am about to watch the leaked, first episode. Anyone seen it?

Other shows: not watching 'em. Although am considering Durham County.
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So I gather that the True Blood fandom is all about Eric. Gonna have to be honest and say that I have no investment, or really, any interest in Sookie/Eric. Sookie/Bill is sweet, because it's her first love, and he's trying not to be a monster. Sookie/Eric is... what? The epic love story of a telepath and a blond dude who eats people? Um. You're going to have to work hard to convince me, Alan Ball.

Anyway, tonight's True Blood. See the above picture. Have any of you seen Dead Alive/Brain Dead? It's Peter Jackson's brilliant entry into the most-fucked-up-zombie-inspired-horror-comedy contest. Totes blue ribbon. There's a priest in it, who utters the epic line: "I kick ass for the lord". Tonight's Jason could have been that priest. Read more... )
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I Won’t Be Seduced by ‘True Blood’
The HBO vampire series leaves me cold, and it's not because of all the dead bodies

Joshua Alston, Newsweek
I don't like the way True Blood's black characters relate to the white characters or to each other. There are mainly two: Tara (Rutina Wesley), the tough-and-tender sidekick to Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), and her androgynous cousin, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis). Tara and Lafayette take turns filling the role of the sassy black person who says what the audience would be thinking if the audience's thoughts were quippier. In their downtime, they're sniping at each other or dealing with personal problems. For Tara, it's her abusive mother, a drunk so shambling she routinely drools while speaking, and for Lafayette, it's fallout from his part-time drug dealing and Webcam sex business. Worse yet, neither Tara nor Lafayette seems to exist outside of their relationships to the white characters. They are the racial equivalent of the wise, gay sidekick who has plenty of love advice for his female friend, but no apparent love life of his own.

I know, I know. True Blood's Bon Temps, La., isn't supposed to be an accurate reflection of life for blacks in the South. Or for anybody, for that matter, what with the bloodsuckers, mind-readers, exorcisms, and all-around bad juju going on. But this isn't a conclusion I drew after careful analysis. The show made me uncomfortable from the beginning, and I could never put a finger on why. It hit me this season, when Lafayette is pleading with Eric, a white vampire, to release him from the basement dungeon in which he's shackled. I was reminded of how I felt watching James Harris, the black Wisconsin voter who beseeched John McCain to battle harder against Barack Obama. It's a kind of gut-level disgust that effortlessly bounds over logic

Picked this up via Trueblood_TV on LJ. It's an interesting read. I don't necessarily agree with him but he teases out some of the potentially troubling aspects of the show. Spoilers for S2.

Some of the comments on comm are just... flail-worthy.
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Rather than spend my afternoon doing something productive, I kept busy posting scans, playing UFC Undisputed, (btw, how is it that Shogun Rua manages to be so hot in game form? unf), and drinking James Ready. We're thinking about making something out of the bottle caps, after the next 2-4.

Also, I was terribly disappointed by the lack of a new True Blood ep on HBO Canada.

The BFF, middle brother and I watched Blindness instead. It's a poor substitute for True Blood, but not an entirely poor movie. As you know, I'm a sucker for apocalyptic scenarios, and Blindness has one, in the form of a mysterious plague that strikes people, well, blind. Julianne Moore is the sighted woman in the land of the blind. This movie is... ok. Take out strange moments of purple narration by Danny Glover and it would be better. It starts out with very some flat, naturalistic performances. Combine that with showy, visuals, lens flares, and symbolism, and you've got an oddly off-putting movie experience. It does get better, and by the time the apocalyptic meltdown is in full swing, you're fully invested in the misadventures of the plague victims. (I should note that it contains a rape scene - my very manly man of a brother found it disturbing. So, yeah. Keep that in mind).
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Distrust everyone in whom the impulse to
Punish is powerful!

I forgot to do Book Club and Marry, F*ck, or Kill this week. Also, I really need to get on my Remix. Also, I seem to be neglecting my True Blood review duties. Also, I'm supposed to be posting that Monica Rambeau stuff. *cough* idek guys. Early onset Alzheimers?

Thanks to everyone who linked me to cheerness yesterday. :)
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Sadly, this is what's keeping me going right now. -_- In the spirit of distracting me from RL, let's celebrate the show's return with some lolarious clips. Read more... )
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I have two days left to finish this sonofabitch. I'm very nearly cracked. Have a quote from said:
Democratic demands are, in their mutual relations, like Schopenhauer's porcupines, to which Freud refers: if they are too far apart, they are cold; if they approach each other too closely in order to get warmer, they hurt each other with their quills.

What an image, right? I'm in the midst of his discussion of empty signifiers and their importance to the formation of the 'people'. It's miles better than the Freudian discussion of group formation. Hallelujah. I've also read most of the second half of the book, so it's just a matter of knocking this section off, and putting the two together.

After Ranciere/Laclau comes my cyber politics essay. I have no clear idea of what I want to do, but I'm still leaning towards Gwen Stefani for the required mini film.

Completely unrelated, but-- True Blood is back on June 14! I wish I had time to do a systematic rewatch of the first season. Who's excited?
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Americans, did you know that your new President Elect is funny? Barack Obama at the Roast of Representative Rahm Emanuel. (Also, that Rahm's brother Ari might be the inspiration for Entourage's Ari Gold? *fangirls*)

Bush vs. Zombies. The sitting president wants to up defense spending for protection against zombies. "Is there any scientific evidence of an actual, biological difference between these zombies and slow-moving tourists?"

Dexter 3.8 "The Damage A Man Can Do": I liked this episode. spoilers )

True Blood 1.10 "I Don't Wanna Know": I also liked this episode. more spoilers )

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