Jan. 20th, 2012 11:06 am
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I think my most hated character arc for Tony Stark is, "Tony Learns How To Be A Good Bourgeois Boy," where becoming (upper) middle class in terms of outlook, means becoming normal.

I kind of don't have the energy to fully expand on this idea right now, but the logic seems to be that taking on bourgeois mannerisms and behaviours means becoming a better, more normal person. ie. better living through dish washing, and no longer jet setting but staying home for family time with the team. It's not that I think that Tony's lifestyle is admirable, but that acting out a bourgeois lifestyle when you're one of the richest men in the world, is a bit gross, and could only ever be that--acting. I think Tony is most interesting as an Avenger, when you maintain the distance imposed by class, and influence. It creates a wonderful constant tension.

(Second most hated: Tony leads an unhealthy lifestyle. Let's force him to become a better person by hiding the coffee and forcing him to sleep!)

Just, Tony inhabits a particular super rich bubble, midway between Silicon Valley and New England old money, by way of the military industrial complex. His values and lifestyle are bit wonky even for the super rich. I'm far more interested in seeing how he can figure out to do good, without pretending to be something he isn't. Which is something that, by and large, the comics do well--Tony leverages those incredible (monetary, industrial, social, personal) resources to try to make the world a better place. Very often not successfully, but hey, storytime fun.
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I'm so sorry, but this is important.

In the far flung future, Tony should totally have a house in space, right? But should it be a Jetsons-style sky castle, a space station, a ship, or... a martian space castle?

*Actually relevant to something I am ACTUALLY WRITING, AW YEAH.


Nov. 29th, 2011 02:37 pm
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Years ago I was writing a story where Tony finally decided to get some therapy. Unfortunately for Tony, the whole universe was a Skrull-induced hallucination. I backburned the story and then never got back to it, but he was supposed to be alerted to this fact by Wolverine jumping out the window of Avengers Tower, or at least, jumping out of the window was involved in the big revelatory scene. Anyway.

Now I want to harvest the core idea--Tony getting therapy--to write a movieverse story where Fury demands an evaluation (because of reasons) and rather than be analyzed by the SHIELD docs, Tony pushes for his semi-bro Charles Xavier (because of reasons). And then Charles somehow gets Tony to agree to actual therapy, and Tony is like, "But... how did that happen?" And then there's psychic therapy, and outings, and chess, and various X-Men side-eying the whole thing, and robot pets, and finally Tony upgrading Cerebro. idk, if I had more time.

Also: there should be fic where Tony creates an entire ark's worth of robot animals. Maybe I will write this fic.


Nov. 2nd, 2011 07:52 pm
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I'm kind of idly fancasting a story I have no plans to write: Movieverse, if Tony had kids.

The mothers: Read more... )

I'm trying to cast Sal Kennedy, who is obviously baby James J. Hansen-Stark's* godfather. I sort of like Edward James Olmos for the part. Or... idk. Name me some actors in their 60s who could pull off genius hippie futurist, mentor to Maya and Tony? (Jeff Bridges would have been perfect).

Yes, I totally built some familial ticking time bombs (in a cave... with a box of scraps). I am aware.

*(The second J stands for something horrible, terrible, so bad it must never be revealed. His parents are assholes like that. Language? Have you seen his birth certificate? Ok, no. That wasn't an invitation).

kay then

Oct. 22nd, 2011 11:44 am
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I've been looking through past entries, for tl;dr on Iron Man, because I'm trying to synthesize some of my WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN ideas about the character into a post about movie vs. comic Tony. There's so much in the comments, though, agh. For my own reference, my most useful, non-review Tony-related posts:

In Extremis and in Execute Program: Tony, Iron Man and war

Steve/America/Tony, the unspoken OT3 of the Steve/Tony ship: the American dream, the military industrial complex, and heroism

Carol's drinking: Carol, alcoholism, military culture and bad writing

And this week's some thoughts on movie Tony.

And related, I've decided to (fully, properly) read Fraction's IIM, (in order to make smarter comments about what Marvel's doing with the character these days), and I need your help. Basically, I need strategies to get through a book I know I'm going to be immensely annoyed by.

Is the solution alcohol? Selective reading? Issue by issue rant posts? Help me flist, I can't do it alone.
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Rambling about Tony, because he's on my mind again lately. When I say ramble, I mean it. This isn't an essay.

Movie Tony is a fantastic distillation of the entire history of the character. The Tony Stark we meet in Iron Man isn't original recipe Stan Lee Tony, from Tales of Suspense #9. He isn't the Tony Stark we get in innumerable retellings of his origin, or the Tony from his too many reboots and re-imaginings.

Movie Tony is ALL THE TONYS thrown into a characterization blender, with heavy emphasis on the aspects of the character and his history that are topical. Tony's wealth is contemporary--he's super rich, in the manner of Bill Gates (with an even cooler house). His weapons manufacturing has moved from the usual to the fantastic--SI produces the kind of wonderland weapons that come with million, hell, billion dollar price tags are are slowly bankrupting the DoD and the assorted arms of the American military. There's the obvious transistors to arc reactor update, but well, what's the real technological potential of arc reactor technology? Clean energy. And the blowing up of things, but. Read more... )
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Seriously, no one has written schmaltzy Iron Man/Country Strong crossover fic?

There's Iron Man/Kung Fu Panda fic. So really.

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Therapy, ~5500 words
Tony goes to therapy and criminal activity in New York City--and then the world--grinds to a halt. Pre Skrulls, New Avengers era.

Read more... )

TBC, theoretically

That foreshadowing. Subtle, right? However, I should note that there was going to be a totally awesome scene in which Logan jumped out of a window at Avengers Tower.


Jul. 28th, 2010 07:43 pm
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So I'm really invested in the (largely imagined) epic semi-platonic friendship of Carol and Tony. Despite there being only two eras in which their friendship was given attention and weight, it clicks for me. There's plenty to hate about Brian Reed's run on Ms. Marvel, but I love the incorporation of Tony into Carol's origin. By all rights these characters should have crossed paths many times over the years. Pilot and engineer. Spy and government contractor. Ass-kicking superheroes. Washington movers and shakers. They're from different backgrounds and they have different skill sets, but they're incredibly complimentary.

Anyway, I'm thinking about doing Carol&Tony fanmixes, if only because I already have several playlists dedicated to them. I'm also thinking about using these linked drabbles (below) as a jumping off point for something biggger. I don't know, there's just something about the relationship that grabs me and I can't quite articulate it. Have to work on that.

In the meantime, the drabbles:

Tony is Carol's sponsor, but there are miles to go before they're really friends.
500 words, Carol & Tony

I also finished the extremis story, which I previously posted here in draft form.

After H(+)spital
Tony's friends bring him home from the hospital after the events of Execute Program. They have questions.
5422 words, Steve, Tony, Happy & Pepper
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[Not an essay! Just some things I've been thinking about.]

The USAF has prescribed amphetamines to combat pilots off and on for decades. They're called go pills, and they're supposed to improve concentration and response time. Couple this with the large numbers of military personal abusing drugs and alcohol both overseas and at home, and there's a plausible, pre-made background for Carol having a history of drug and alcohol abuse. She spent most of her adult life with people who think it's a good idea to give speed to combat pilots, and that drinking to excess is a sign of manliness.

Why then, did Busiek not draw on this for Carol's alcoholism story? It seems like such a missed opportunity, especially since Tony later became her sponsor, because he too grew up in that culture. Carol's alcoholism just pops into existence, already fully formed, and hardly anchored to anything in her history - she's drinking because she needs to take the edge off, and she's not coping well with being back on earth. Well, why is she having so much trouble? Read more... )
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My writing resolution for 2010 is: moar ladies. More LGBTQ ladies. More ladies of colour. More young ladies, old ladies, fat ladies and skinny ladies.

On a semi-related note, here are some stories that I want, but probably won't write, since my to-write list is utterly ridiculous as is:

1) Natasha Stark is a trans woman. She created Iron Man before she started transitioning.

2) Welcome to the X-Men Sookie Stackhouse, I hope you survive the experience! "I am not wearing spandex. OR a leather catsuit." "Short shorts yay, spandex nay?"

3) Severus Snape moves to Gotham. Everybody seems to think he's a supervillain. Really, he just wants to raise mandrake roots, brew potions and write scathing letters to the editor, in peace.

4) Batgirl, Wonder Girl and Supergirl trade lives for a day. Hijinks ensue.

5) Colleen and Misty join the Lady Liberators.

6) SV!Lana Lang is Kawatche. She becomes a shape-shifting superheroine.
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Does anyone find it strange that Marvel is building a veritable Iron Family of cyborgs, just when they've turned Tony back to his fully human status quo?

Pepper Potts now relies on an arc reactor and (supposedly) pilots and ai-enabled suit. Rhodey is now a cyborg, with weaponry popping out of his arms and legs and who knows where else.

Meanwhile, Fraction has killed Tony's own experiment with human-machine evolution: namely extremis. It's good enough for the sidekick and the love interest, but not for the hero?
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Pepper Potts/Rachel Dawes.

Obviously it's the hotter crossover pairing. I mean, come on people. They're also far more compatible than the m/m alternative (that being Tony/Bruce - yeah no, wtf?).

Has anyone written this? If not, why not?
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ETA: TONYTONYTONYRHODEYRHODEYRHODEY! Holy shamoly hardware! That is all.
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Ok, these are not going to be positive reviews. I give you fair warning. Get out while you still can.

Invincible Iron Man #2

I'll start with the good. Fraction did a little better with the tech-talk this time, although it tends to be imho a lot easier to bullshit about jet engines, than it is to bullshit about experimental bio-augments.

The bad? There's a lot of bad. Fraction continues to write Tony like a pathetic old guy ,who wishes he were back in college, sucking on a beer bong, with his best years ahead of him. Fraction seems to be writing Tony's dialog as if Tony were one of his hipster friends. Tony of course, is at the very least, ten to fifteen years older than the writer, and raised in a really, really, I can't emphasize it enough, different social circle. Having him talk like a twenty/thirty-something hipster actually has the effect of making him sound older.

Tony should basically sound like a regular guy. He doesn't sound like an isolated, supergenius billionaire, though that's what he is. He sounds like a regular dude who happens to also be a supergenius billionaire. Movie!Tony's dialog was extremely effective in a way that Fraction's is not - in Iron Man, Tony sounds freakishly intelligent, and aware of this fact, but also like someone it'd be cool to hang out with. Fraction's Tony is trying too hard. Exhibit A: Read more... )

Tony should NOT sound like Faith Lehane.

Fraction's characterization problems extend beyond the dialog. In the space of one issue, Tony performs some intense emotional gymnastics that should leave him reeling, but instead only gear him up for a party. Here's where it gets spoilery. Read more... )

This issue has given me something, though. It's something I'd like to share with you all. I have a PSA for the flist:


The man is a talented artist. What the hell is this dreck he's passing off as art? It's like he combined a slightly more cartoony style of penciling with awkward and inconsistent photo-referencing, then finished it off with an over-use of effects, and a poorly chosen colour scheme. Granted, that's not his fault, but what's up with all the pastels? The smiley armor? The horrifically blurry faces? I honestly can't say a single good thing about the art in this book, because ever time La Rocca got it right, he did something idiotic to screw it up.

And since I normally quite enjoy his work, that's saying a lot. Really. A lot.

Oh yeah, and Ezekiel Stane? Still annoying. two thumbnails of him being annoying ) OMG he's so extreeeeme.


Buffy Season Eight # 15

As for this issue (some scans here), I mainly have one thing to say.

Dear Joss Whedon and company, spoilers )
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So I finally got around to reading Invincible Iron Man #1 and big surprise, it didn't exactly thrill me. I came away from it thinking that Matt Fraction watches way too much bad sci-fi, and doesn't know the first thing about science. You don't have to know a lot about science to write science fiction, but you need to sound like you do. Fraction doesn't. The sci-fi elements in IIM feel fake. Gimmicky. Thoroughly 90's, from the sockless, teenage bio-villain who mouths off to the Establishment, to Pepper's holo-interface.

The absolute nadir for me was the new villain, who Fraction introduced in his now-canceled The Order. Ezekiel Stane is into body-mods, terrorism and sounding like a douche. Observe as he scores cool points with the audience by telling off and then murdering the board of a Big Tobacco company: four thumnbnails )

I've come to the conclusion that Stane is essentially Amadeus Cho's eviler half-step-brother-cousin, separated at birth. I've also come to the conclusion that he's really boring. Charmless sociopaths usually are.

Fraction's approach to Tony is very 80's, but aged up and a little pathetic. He's on the verge of a truly sad mid-life crisis, presaged by his inability to stop bragging about his accomplishments and the anvilicious juxtaposition of his dinosaur-ness, with Stane's far cooler, youthier, more effective and cooler ways. Did I say cooler? Because Ezekiel Stane is so cool. His dialog is just so pop-culturally savvy! I feel like I'm reading Iron Man: the Golden Years. Next issue: Tony Stark chases some damn kids of his lawn!

Shockingly, Iron Man: Director of SHIELD was far more to my liking. Roberto De La Torre continues to do a fantastic job with this book. His art is a little more muddy, a little more organic than you would expect on an Iron Man book, but it's immensely effective from a story-telling perspective. He's very much a visual storyteller, using colour, texture, pattern and shifts in perspective to great effect, and he's developed a bag of lite motifs that are spectacular emotional cues.

Carlo Pagulayan penciled the B story and imho his cleaner work suffers in comparison to De La Torre's. Pagulayan's pages lack the psychological punch that De La Torre's have in spades.

This is the first issue after the outstanding Mandarin arc and it's penned by pinch-hitter Stuart Moore. He's done a fantastic job of keeping the characterization and overall feel of the book consistent with the Knaufs' work. I have two complaints though: a) he takes his sweet-ass time in building to an actual plot (though I give him credit for jumping straight into the action); b) he name-drops a beloved Iron Man supporting character who hasn't been seen since The Crossing shat all over the book. Not only is it fan-baiting (naughty!), but it's so random that it's rendered ineffective. I know a lot of fans who are only familiar with the last few years of continuity that will be scratching their heads over that one.

Anywho, not the greatest issue, but solid. I'm very much looking forward to the rest of this arc.
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I don't really feel like doing an Iron Man reaction post. Maybe after I've seen it a second time, which was supposed to be last night, but the rain and PMS drove me back inside.

Instead I want to talk about Steve/America/Tony, the unspoken OT3 of the Steve/Tony ship. And by that I mean friendship, working relationship, romantic relationship - however you read them, my comments are (mostly) general enough to apply. However, I’m not sure how interesting they will be to people who aren’t me. Fair warning: extreme TL;DR.

Captain America and Iron Man, (and Steve and Tony), represent two different clusters of American ideals. Within the Marvel Universe, more than most heroes, they are representatives of America, and of the American military industrial complex. Captain America is the one they* chose. Iron Man is the one they earned. Neither has been exactly what they'd like - neither has been quite as good for business as hoped. Read more... )
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[ profile] remixredux08 is no longer anonymous. This year I wrote Mighty Dark to Travel (Full Fathom Five), in X-Men Movieverse. The story I remixed is Frosted World, by [ profile] ms_jvh_shuh.

Reposted to my fic journal:
Mighty Dark to Travel (Full Fathom Five)
Fandom: X-Men Movieverse
Summary: After John is shot, Bobby loses control. (mid X2)
Character(s): Bobby/Rogue, Bobby/John
Word Count: 3333
Notes: I know medicine doesn’t work that way. Roll with the comic book science.

I really enjoyed writing this remix. The original story has several different povs, and I wanted to keep that but make it more explicit - really colour the situation differently in each part. So I added the perspectives of one of the cops who shot at Bobby, John, Rogue and Logan, and Bobby's brother Ronnie. I had the most fun writing the cop, an OC, and writing Rogue, who's in an ugly position in this story. The title comes from an old American blue grass song, and the funky remix title is of course from The Tempest.

Full fathom five thy father lies;
Of his bones are coral made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes;
Nothing of him that does fade,
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.
Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell:
Hark! Now I hear them – Ding-dong, bell.

The idea being that the road that John takes in the film, and that Bobby considers in this story is (duh) a dark one to travel, and this story, with five different povs, goes fully five fathoms deep (in that direction), or attempts to fathom five characters. Not too corny, I hope?

I was also surprised, though not so surprised in retrospect, to find that [ profile] musesfool was the author of Packing for the Crash (The Black Brothers Variations), the remix of my Salt the Earth. Go read Vic's story, because it's great. It's funny, something about it was so familiar, but I couldn't quite figure out what. ;)

In other remix-y news:

Hijack Me HP is THE BEST THING EVER. Well, you know. Here's the deal: Read more... )

I have, of course, subscribed to the feed and am waiting for a special and unique snowflake to fall into my greedy and corrupting hands. Mwa ha.


I made two Director of SHIELD posts to [ profile] scans_daily and the comments were mostly free of Ironhate and Civil War wank. It's a Christmas (in spring) Miracle! What continues to bug me, is how hard I as the OP, have to work to keep everything cool when wank threatens to explode. I had a couple of moments of pure, concentrated Intarwebs WTFuckery and just managed to resist the urge to respond with a flame the size of Australia. The community does okay much of the time, but the hand of mod is imo, just a wee bit light. There are times when I just want to share my squee, and don't want to spend the next three or so days a) justifying my squee; b) defending people who share my squee; c) defending people who DON'T share my squee; and d) soothing the savage, mouth-breathing beasts.

No one's twisting my arm - I could technically post and run (and watch the wank roll in), but the whole point of posting to a comm, and not my own journal, is sharing the love. And that's hard to do when posters are calling each other out over a fictional political dustup that happened two years ago. Or questioning each other's morality, based on their taste in fiction.

Not to say that my behaviour is perfect in every which way. There was one post, a month or two back, where I responded to all the constitutionality-of-the-SHRA comments with "LOLZ!1!1111"until they stopped commenting. *g*

And not to say that this is exclusive to [ profile] scans_daily, because I swear, it's like this almost everywhere online. One second you'll be talking about the latest issue of She-Hulk and the next, the thread's devolved into a panel by panel dissection of Amazing Spider-Man, issue number whateverthefuck, and what Peter said, what Tony said, what Luke Cage said, in a comic that was published TWO YEARS AGO AND HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH SHE-HULK NUMBER 28. And ok, I think that's enough capslock rage for now.

So yeah, more modding on [ profile] scans_daily. It would be good.
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Yeah, I said it. I don't think Tony Stark is a womanizer. I got to thinking about this after reading this thread on the CBR forums.

I said:

He isn't a womanizer and hasn't been for decades. Perhaps that's what his characterization was initially (I would argue otherwise, except in the reeeeally early days), but his sexuality is a lot more complicated than playah. I think, if you actually listed the women he's canonically had sex with, you'd be surprised at how low the number is for an international playboy. You'd also be surprised at how many of those sexual encounters took place in the context of a serious romantic relationship - and for a womanizer, he's been serious about a lot of women. tl;dr-ness and disorganized rambling )
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1. I updated my list of Essential Ms. Marvel with some new scan posts. Next I want to concentrate on tracking down articles and interviews. Does anyone have a functional link to the essay "The Rape of Ms. Marvel"? I've read it in the past but recently, it seems like every link is dead.


2. Continuing from last post on the Iron Man movie, here are the links to the next three interviews in the CBR series.

I Am (Friends With) Iron Man - with Terrence Howard
I Am (Directing) Iron Man - with Jon Favreau
I Am (Producing) Iron Man - with Kevin Feige


3. Tori Amos' Comic Book Tattoo
Through her many real and apocryphal connections to “The Sandman” -- Amos wrote the introduction to “Death: The High Cost of Living,” references author Neil Gaiman and the Dream King in her music, and is generally thought to be the inspiration for Delirium -- Amos is known to comics fans as one of us. She aims to prove it with the help of editor Rantz Hoseley and Image Comics, who will this summer release “Comic Book Tattoo,” a nearly 500-page deluxe-packaged anthology featuring some of comics’ brightest talents including David Mack, Mike Dringenberg, Jonathan Hickman, Carla Speed McNeil, Laurenn McCubbin, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Ivan Brandon, Callum Watt, Neil Kleid, Christopher Mitten, Elzabeth Genco, Chris Arrant, and Daniel Heard -- all of whom turn in new work inspired by the music of Tori Amos.

It's like fanfic

I'm really excited about this project. The preview art (there's more of it in the link) looks lovely, and I just like the idea of it. I'm not a Tori fanatic but I think that her music has the potential to inspire some really fascinating and beautiful stories - her lyrics sometimes don't make much sense, which I think is an advantage here. Instead of just illustrating stories, they'll be creating stories.


4. [ profile] tammylee linked to an article about artists, and what it takes to succeed in the business. As a non-artist I'm always interested to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes, the creative process and the business of art. I was particularly interested to learn about the job (and importance of) the inker.

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