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schmevil ([personal profile] schmevil) wrote2011-09-07 08:47 pm

True Blood annoyance

I hope Tara can change for the better.

You hope Tara can change for the better? I hope she'll be happy some day. I hope Sookie can change for the better, and figure out her priorities. Like hey, maybe putting her best friends and family before her boyfriends for a change. Humph.

In other news, I saw Captain America and a bunch of set photos for the Avengers movie and... I want it now... and I want to write Steve/Tony again. Sigh.
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I bailed on True Blood after the first six episodes despite how much I loved the setting/costumes/accents/general local color for being reasonably accurate, because the friend who'd been showing me episodes informed me that Sookie's obnoxious brother wasn't going to be eaten by anything. I remember Tara as being the only one of the human characters I really liked, though. Sookie was very bland (though I assume she's gotten less so as the series has progressed), Sam was nice-guy-ish, and the brother annoyed me more with every scene he was in.

ETA: I don't think anyone would object ot you writing Steve/Tony again ^_^.
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