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ten stories

What's this? A meme that will allow me to talk about my stories? SOLD!

Ten Stories I'd Save (if I had to choose)

Love, Marriage, Dating, Children, Dating
Harry Potter | Epilogue compliant | Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny
Word Count - 12,800
Ron consults a self-help manual, in an effort to 'reignite the spark'.

Hands down, my favourite. I don't quite know how to rate my stories in terms of quality, but this is the one I like (love) the best. I loved coming up with the footnotes. I loved making fun of Ron's and Harry's continuing romantic ineptness. I loved selling the shit out the epilogue, which so many people hate.

Five Loves (Ab Uno Disce Omnes) LJ AO3
Buffy The Vampire Slayer | Season 8 | Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike, Giles, Dawn
Word Count - 9978
Five people Buffy loved.

This is almost the Buffy story I've been wanting to tell since forever. It contains so many of my Opinions about these characters and their relationships. And in the end, it comes down to my pet theory that Dawn is the love of Buffy's life. (No, I'm not talking about incest).

Duck LJ AO3
Supernatural | Sam, Dean, Castiel
Word Count - 5251
Castiel finds God in a park. Sam and Dean don't know quite how to handle this turn of events.

There is no better writing fun than taking a crack premise seriously. Or at least, taking a crack premise seriously enough to produce comedy that (maybe) does it justice. See also: Scrabble LJ AO3. (Yes, I do laugh at my own jokes. Why do you ask?)

Attack/Retreat LJ
New Avengers | Steve/Tony | WARNING: Explicit sex
Word Count - 12,224
Steve and Tony work out some relationship problems.

Oh this story. This was my first time attempting a proper sex scene. Before this story, I'd always hinted at things and then faded to black. After this story I didn't exactly leap into writing porn, but Attack/Retreat will always be The Story That Almost Killed Me Via Fictional Peen.

Invictus LJ AO3
Supernatural | Ruby/Sam, Dean, Azazel | WARNING: Graphic violence
Word Count - 3328
That wasn't the lie; she remembered being human. In better detail than she liked, really. The lie was everything else.

Eeeevil Ruby. I am the only person in the world who loves this story but coming up with Ruby's backstory was such a kick. I've even started--though haven't yet finished--a sequel. This was the first opportunity I had in fandom to riff on the sword and sorcery genre, which was great.

The Deep LJ AO3
Mighty Avengers | Tony, Carol, Bob | WARNING: Graphic violence
Word Count - 5907
Once upon a midnight dreary...

Fuck yeah horror stories! This story has the best opening I have ever written, and is, in my (apparently) not so humble opinion, very creepy. It's a ghost story, a nightmare story, and kind of a mind control story, all wrapped up in one. Oh, and there's also drowning. Poor Tony.

Wolf Like Me LJ AO3
Supernatural | Bela/Meg | WARNING: Possession, violence
Word Count - 4132
Meg takes Bela off the rack.

So this is my version of Supernatural's hell. It contains a lot of my Ideas about the show's wider universe, and how demons and magic function. It's also... pretty darn dark. I wish I'd included more action, though.

Here Is No Place LJ AO3
Harry Potter | Lily/James, Sirius
Word Count - 2992
A housewarming party The Greatest Party Ever, yields a quiet moment between friends.

In writing this story I finally realized how much I like these characters. I'd always been more a Snape girl. I'm quite happy with how I balanced the sweetness of their friendship with omnious hints of VOLDEMORT IS COMING AND PEOPLE ARE GONNA DIE.

Your Sweet Time LJ AO3
Harry Potter | Severus Snape, Lily Evans Potter
Word Count - 528

OH SHIT POETRY! Yeah, that's right. This was the first poem I'd written in six or so years. It shows. But it's Snape and Lily and potions and the first poem I'd written in like, six years.

Grace Too LJ AO3
Supernatural | Chastity, Dean/Castiel
Word Count - 3080
Chastity doesn't kick Castiel out, and Dean doesn't drive away.

I just think this one is pretty. D: