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Pick up the nearest book to you. Turn to page 45. The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

They would be settled in Highmarten within seventeen miles of himself and Martha and would be part of a comfortable household with an indulgent mistress, a generous master, their future secured, their lives stretching ahead, predictable, safe, respectable. (Death Comes To Pemberley, PD James).

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I'm supposed to be studying. Of course I'm doing a meme.

[personal profile] noracharles asked for my Supernatural ships:

My M/F OTP: Dean/Lisa. Trust me, I know. I KNOW. I was surprised by how much I liked them in the first few eps of this season. But I think they're a genuinely sweet couple and had the show decided to keep Lisa and Ben major characters, I could see her transitioning into a (less badass) Ellen-like figure. I don't know... I think that should Dean ever get over himself, he and Lisa could have a chance at a functional adult relationship. I think Lisa gets more than he's really comfortable with. And that's a good thing.

(Runner up: Sam/Ruby. Worst. Fan. Ever).

My M/M OTP: Dean/Castiel. IT'S RIGHT THERE ON THE SCREEN, OMG. Not in the sense of it being canon, but simply, I ship Dean/Castiel as a direct extension of their onscreen relationship. Just with the addition of a romantic element. From hateship, to desperate unlikely alliance, to eventual friendship - it's the progression that I like. The slow getting to know and appreciate each other, in the middle of the freaking apocalypse. The small moments of intimacy, counterbalanced by moments where they can't communicate, can't understand each other at all, because they're so alien. Also, you know, they're fun.

My F/F OTP: Bela/Ruby. Why yes, I am aware that they shared NO SCREEN TIME to speak of, but nevertheless. The hotness is undeniable. As is their potential to be a wily, amoral Bonnie&Bonnie, stealing things and kicking the shit out of the white hats. Come on now. (Fuuuck, I need to write this).

My OT3: I don't have a romantic OT3 for SPN... but my friendship OT3 is Sam/Dean/Castiel. They are hilarious together, ok? I will not hear otherwise. And more, they've got a wonderfully complicated dynamic. Castiel can't get between Sam and Dean. Sam can't offer Dean the kind of friendship that Castiel can. And Dean can't be the kind of ally to Sam that Castiel can. Castiel also... lightens the load for the brothers, and can (S4) make things easier between them. He keeps them from falling into the tired schtick of previous years.

My endgame OTP: Sam/Castiel. They're smart, ruthless, and absolutely willing to compromise themselves for the win. Castiel is completely unwilling to indulge Sam's self-pitying tendencies and the same is true of Sam. Instead they push each other to do more, go farther, to get shit done, and they're utterly unsentimental wrt their relationship. And let's face it, taking Dean out the picture would... probably result in their doing some pretty fucked up shit in the name of good.

My original OTP: Dean/Castiel. And still going strong.

My crack OTP: Hmm. Bobby/Hat? Not sure that I have one. Now that I think about, Bobby/Hat has some serious potential. They do seem to be awfully close...

My guilty pleasure OTP: It's Superntural! Guilty pleasure from start to finish, you know? I'm not sure what sort of deviance I'd have to wholeheartedly ship, for me to actually feel guilt.

My anti-OTP: Romantic Sam/Dean. Sam&Dean 4eva! I'm wracking my brain for a canon ship that really rubbed me the wrong way... maybe early Dean/Lisa, circa end of S4. Generally I've found the canonical relationships (romantic and otherwise), to be just fine. I'm more likely to get in a tizzy over repetitiveness, regressive characterization, and the show's general socio-political backwardness. *cringe* But on the whole, they do a good job with familial relationships and friendships, and a so/so job with romantic relationships.

Next up: X-Men, Dexter, DCAU.


Jan. 29th, 2011 01:10 pm
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I need to catch up on Supernatural. OH MAN. That is all.

Also, let's do a meme, ok?

Name a fandom I'm familiar with and I'll give you:

My OT3:
My endgame OTP:
My original OTP:
My crack OTP:
My guilty pleasure OTP:
My anti-OTP:


Sep. 21st, 2010 05:37 pm
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First: if you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ/DW and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.

Second: tag eight sexy people. don't refuse to do that like a pansy. unless you really don't want to of course. and if you're not tagged and you want to do it, then do!

dirty diana

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I have too many active WIPs, in various stages of completion. These are my top five:

Untitled: Avengers, humor, Clint/Bobbi, Steve/Tony

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Untitled: Supernatural, horror, Ruby, Meg
(I should note that even the snippet contains ~horror~ that some might find disturbing)

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Word Container: Harry Potter, drama, Lily/James, baby!Harry, Sirius, Peter

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Sweetwater: Supernatural, drama (future AU), Dean/Castiel, Sam, Bobby

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Lucas: Supernatural, horror/drama (past AU) John, Dean, Sam, Bobby, guess who

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Aug. 11th, 2009 03:02 pm
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Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what. I will answer them all in a new post.

Also, I wrote a story. I can't believe I wrote nearly 13,000 words of Ron/Hermione rom-com. O.o But schmevil being schmevil, said rom-com also has vampires, werewolves, dates from hell, bad babysitters and assorted tomfoolery. It's been a looong while since I wrote from Ron's pov, and I'd forgotten how fun it is - Ron really is kind of a jerk, even as he's also a decent, ordinary guy. For me at least, it's wicked fun to write about characters who are flawed in everyday ways. You can have them do all the idiot things that you and your friends get up to, even as they Fight For Great Justice.

Love, Marriage, Dating, Children, Dating 1, 2
Epilogue compliant | Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny
Word Count - 12,800
Ron consults a self-help manual, in an effort to 'reignite the spark'.

Thanks go to [personal profile] outlawpoet and [personal profile] tammylee for their heroic beta efforts, and [personal profile] kijikun for her tireless handholding.
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I needed a couple minutes of distraction. Memeage hit the spot.

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!

gacked from [ profile] icarusancalion

1. "I bet you never got madeleines in the air force."

2. "Five card draw - ten jujube buy-in."

3. Wally’s never been interested enough to figure it out beyond their plan to eventually create a mini black hole in the lab, which is both undeniably cool and completely insane, because if it doesn’t end up pulling in the entire solar system, it’s probably going to spawn tragically misunderstood, megalomaniacal anti-matter creatures out to remake the universe in their own image.

4. The Carl Radner experience - complete with his swinging bachelor pad and hushed up accusations of sexual misconduct.

5. Buffy ignored the steadily building pain in her toes, (never again she vowed, no matter how cute, these boots were made for walking, not commando-ing), and tried to channel her inner Rambo.

6. "In Switzerland you can pay to make it snow on command."

7. “Oh, no doubt. The Capitalist Crusader is a half cape and domino mask kind of guy.”

8. As far as he’s concerned, he’s a coat rack.
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Gacked from [ profile] mlyn. Bold for things I've Never.

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Another 70's SlythWIP snippet. I think I'm calling this one Fire! It's a sequel to this fic.

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Question 1: are any of you in the Lemony Snicket fandom? Where can I find some good discussion?

Question 2: do any of you surf? I'm working on a Fast and the Furious fic and surfing is integral to the plot. I'm dying for some good resources, online or otherwise. Here's an example of where I'm at, based on tv. *g*

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