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kill you in a new way
Inception, Arthur, 1534
Arthur's recruitment into the dream share program.

Just a bit of backstory. Trying to work out my Arthur voice for something a bit more substantial.

Also, you know, another entry for my Finish Old Crap project. I've secured a beta for that Supernatural fic I mentioned last week, so it should be posted sometime in the coming weeks. I haven't decided where to concentrate my efforts next, but I'm hoping to have enough stuff posted, in enough large fandoms, that I'll have the option to sign up for Remix, without leaning on my ancient Harry Potter stuff. Maybe I'll do a series of Emma/Charles ficlets and incur the wrath of the poor soul who's assigned to me... A handful of Buffy ficlets would also help.

So hey, you know what I kind of want to write? Tara Thornton: Agent of SHIELD. She comes back from the dead ~unkillable and angry, therefore, shadowy government agency.
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A Cafe, Somewhere
Inception, Dom & Arthur, ~700
A bit of grief and repression, in the immediate aftermath of Mal's death.

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Found this in gdocs and figured I might as well post it.
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Sorry for being spammy this week, but--anyone up for betaing a short Inception story with some supernatural and horror elements? I'm not yet finished the first draft, but I'd love to get someone to read over what I've got so far...
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@LJ for convenience

Mallorie Cobb will kick your damn face in if you don't post and fill prompts about her. You know this to be true.

Mallorie Cobb wants ALL UR FANWORKS. Prompt for fic, art, meta, mixes or anything else you can think of. Likewise, fill as your heart and creative inclinations dictate. Prompt gen, het, femslash, genderswap, crossovers, crack, angst and every other thing you want.

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Some rambling, idle thoughts about extraction teams in Inception.

In Inception, Arthur's job is point man. This seems to refer to two different forms of 'taking point': he's got an analytical and a combat role on extraction teams, and in both cases he's supposed to be out in front, taking the greatest risk of physical harm. I think Cobb's role as extractor puts him at added risk of psychological harm. Read more... )
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I'm so out of touch with everything, lord. This is a busybusy month for me and everything but my most important commitments is apparently subject to slack.

Still, I've got some fandom goings on, which I'm squeezing between dress fittings, brawls with provincial bureaucrats and applying for things.

The first thing is the podfic project at SPN Femslash Exchange, which I am not involved in, but am excited about nonetheless. Since I wrote a fic for the exchange last year, I might be seeing a podfic adaptation of one of my stories for the first time. This is unspeakably cool and I'm eager to listen to all the podfics when they're done.

The second thing, is that I'm actually posting a story. MY GOD, it has been a while. It's on the Inception meme and so anon, but that's really kind of freeing. Not that I have a large audience for my writing as it is, but being completely anon is... relaxing. I've also started writing - I am so sad, really - an Inception/Supernatural crossover. Kind of. No Winchesters or angels exactly, but perhaps some Bela, Tamara, Ellen or Rufus. It's for another meme request, because I apparently have no ideas of my own these days.

On that note, I signed up for an Original Fic Bingo card, because original fiction is where I want to concentrate more of my energy these days. Just exercising those muscles, and getting into the habit of submitting things will, I think, be good for me, regardless of the quality of the stories, or of the rejection slips. I recently realized that hey, if I want something to happen, I need to take actual, concrete steps toward my goals (o rly?).

aw yeah

Sep. 24th, 2010 01:17 am
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Supernatural tomorrow! \o/ I've been ignoring the fandom since a few weeks after last season's finale and it's worked out for me nicely. I skipped all the tension and infighting, and I'm coming back to the show fresh, all bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I actually spent the summer watching True Blood, Mad Men et al, and not talking about tv in my journal. Which in of itself has been a boon - less of performance writing for fandom, less of fandom colouring my reactions to tv. I don't know, it's been relaxing and good all around. I think I might have some worthwhile things to say about Bill and Sookie, where they're going and where they've been, but we'll see. It's looking to be a busy fall for me.

I won't be watching tomorrow's premiere tomorrow (I'm going to an album release party that I completely forgot about - whoops!), but I'm excited for it nonetheless. The existence of new Supernatural at all makes my week (which has not been a good one, let me tell you!) brighter, and I'm really excited to see where things are going. Which is to say: I'm slightly spoiled but trying to avoid the really big spoilers. We'll see how that lasts - I predict that I'll be hitting the meme by Saturday. *g*

Unrelated, but-- I mentioned that I'd been fiddling around with some Inception fic. Would anyone be interested in alpha/beta reading for me? One story is action-y and the other is mystery-y and uh, a Supernatural crossover. Both are gen.
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So I'm writing Inception fic. Not sure if I'll be finishing and posting any stories, but I'm having fun with the characters and the universe.

Things I appreciate about Inception:

1) It's a closed canon. Which means that I have all the canon in my hands, with no surprises coming down the pike.

2) The characters lead very different lives. Which means that one can credibly write in a variety of genres, and with a variety of styles.

3) The setup provides for realistic stories AND for fantastical ones. Which means again, that one can write all sorts of different things, and they'll still feel right.

4) The central romance is powerful and affecting, but one half of the relationship is so obliquely drawn that there are miles yet to explore. Which means that, god damn, there's so much potential for amazing Mal fic.

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