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couple things

1. I'm writing something and I need make sure I've got some details correct:

In movieverse, how old is Tony Stark when his parents are killed? Are they killed in a car or plane crash? Also, he graduates MIT at 17 and takes over as CEO at 21, yes?

2. Can anyone rec me some good Emma/Charles XMFC fic?

3. I think Carol/Tasha Stark is more plausible than Carol/Tony. Thoughts?
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#2 - god, unless there's a secret stash of it hidden at one of the kinkmemes, that's a very rare pairing.

this is the closest to it that i can think of right now -

it's a bit more common for them (or erik and emma) to be friends as a backdrop to charles/erik. there's rarely focus on their interactions. or on emma period.
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It is all part of my long-term plan to one day see more Steve/Tony from you. ♥