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the thing is...

Peter Parker is too awesome a character to be reduced to the team mascot, everybody's kid, or the comic relief. He has one of the all time great superhero origin stories. In almost every continuity, he's one of the heroes most likely to come through for you. He's self-sacrificing, experienced, really, really smart, and all around too great to be an also ran. JUSTICE FOR PETER PARKER NAO.

(This journal just gets increasingly ridiculous with every post, doesn't it?)
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What happened to Peter *now*?!
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Peter Parker was my first superhero infatuation! Which makes it sound unfortunately like a crush, but it was more like...a friend-crush, if you will. Because he was dorkily awesome and I wanted him to come to my school and make wisecracks and fly around awesomely and teach me chemistry! BECAUSE SPIDERMAN IS AWESOME.

oh Peter. you are pretty fantastic.
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I saw this photo of Hugh Jackman being adorable with his daughter at the beach - they were fake swordfighting with sticks and it was ALL THE CUTENESS - so clearly you had the right idea. Your adventures would have been epic, and there would have been swordfighting.

THAT CARTOON YESSSS. my baby sister and I watched it religiously!
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lol so this probably makes me a terrible comics fan far as movieverse goes, I never actually watched Spiderman 2 or 3. And my feelings about the reboot are pretty much "wow that's really soon to reboot something" and "Andrew Garfield's adorable faaaaaaace!" because I don't actually know much more than that.

I did hear that Ultimate Spiderman is going to feature a biracial kid named Miles Morales as the new Spiderman, and he sounds frankly AMAZING. Even though I am sad that, well, we have Miles because Peter is dead. I would have liked biracial Peter, because that way NOBODY HAS TO DIE and we still get some varied representation up in this comicsverse!
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oh man. Ultimate Spiderman is the comicsverse reboot? And Miles made his debut in August, I see, so it's not really a matter of "going to be featured as." sorry, I'm clearly behind the times.

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This is why I've read so few comics despite wanting desperately to read more: SO DIFFICULT TO JUMP IN WITHOUT A GUIDE. Especially if you've been ruined by fandom and you're like, "I want Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon being super adorable together, and maybe Tim Drake being really gay with Kon-El! JUST GIVE ME ALL THE GAY CUTENESS." Because trufax comics fans give you weird looks if you give them such specifications when asking for reading recommendations...not that I speak from experience or anything...

Basically, DCU is pretty bad, but at least I've read a few trade paperbacks. I'm even more lost when it comes to the Marvel universe, so I probably won't be holding up my end of the conversation here, but omg I LOVE TALKING ABOUT BOOKS SO LET'S HAVE A GO ANYWAY.

I am super excited that we finally get some heroes of color because I have never ever been able to handwave the fact that all superheroes are white dudes from America and apparently anything globally affecting centers around shit that happens to people in America, and only white dude people in America. It's just - I like sci-fi and superheroes, I am willing to handwave a lot, you know? But when every single fucking narrative involves things that affect, at the very least, a major metropolitan area but often at least a continent and usually the whole globe, but somehow nobody ever looks like me or a lot of the people I know - it's just. I can't handwave that. It's a bit of unrealism that constantly kicks me out of the story. It's not even that I'm too ~aware of social justice~ to handwave it away - it's not that I'm so smart or so noble, it's just that I literally cannot accept that much unreality without being kicked out of the narrative, and keep in mind I AM ACCEPTING A LOT OF WEIRDASS PSEUDOSCIENCE ALIEN MAGIC SHIT WITHOUT BLINKING. basically I am thrilled about Miles, is what I am saying. I just. WORK WITH ME JUST A LITTLE BIT, PEOPLE, I WANT TO LOVE YOUR COMICS AND LOSE MYSELF IN YOUR NARRATIVES. Please just TRY to make it easy for me to do that!

also Andrew Garfield's face is pretty amazing, but his hair is just - oh my god what is that even IT IS SO FLIPPY AND GRAVITY-DEFYING AND PERFECT. I love his hair more than I love his face, and his face is pretty great.
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Miles Morales is adorable so far! Also if you would like Spidey reading recs from a friend-of-a-friend I have read *far* too many Spidey comics in my time and would be happy to unburden my knowledge on someone.
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I WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL FOR READING RECS OMG. I already adore Peter, and I think I'm going to love Miles, and basically I just want to read lots of Spidey being awesome and adorable in his earnestly dorky way! Preferably with awesome lady characters around, also being adorable!
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Well, let's see! I keep a list of Spidey recs here and a bit here, but to target things a little... I am also a huge fan of Spider-Verse ladies, and J. Michael Straczynski's run on Amazing Spider-Man is basically just Peter, Aunt May and MJ being awesome and adorable for however many issues. He's also one of the easier writers to backread as his entire run has been collected in trade paperback in several different editions. You Just Hit the Jackpot is another trade compiling some of MJ's significant issues over the years, and Spider-Man: Blue is a retrospective miniseries/graphic novel about Peter's romance with Gwen Stacy and the beginnings of his relationship with MJ -- it's a little thin in places, but the art is fantastic. For comedy, Spectacular Spider-Man #121 is the Rashomon-style tale of J. Jonah Jameson, MJ, and Peter all recounting their versions of a bank robbery they witnessed.

Spider-Girl is an alternate universe story in which Peter and MJ's daughter May (who was killed as an infant by Norman Osborn in the main universe, and then retconned entirely) discovers her powers and becomes a teenage crimefighter in her own right, and both she and MJ are forces to be reckoned with. There are lots of other great female characters too.

And of course there's Ultimate Spider-Man, which has badass ladies in spades, albeit with somewhat different characterizations than their main universe counterparts.

Uh, yeah, hopefully that will keep you for a while? XD Sorry this took so long, I've been a little busy the last couple of days.
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augh, sorry for being such a loser and taking so long to get back to you! and frankly I'm shocked & delighted that you could put together a reading list when someone requests one right in the middle of your workweek! (I am the worst at recs - I am SUPER DETAILED to the point of scaring people with over-description and I take forever to write them.)

THANK YOU SO MUCH, this will definitely keep me for a while and your summations have me making this face: ♥_♥. omg laaaaaaadies omg Peter OMG EVERYTHING SOUNDS ADORABLE AND LOLARIOUS AND NOTHING HURTS. Also, I can actually catch up with some stuff easily because it's nicely collected in trade paperbacks yesssssss.


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Haha, it's funny you say this and yet it's been almost a year since someone first asked me for a reclist on my Mary Jane Watson tumblr, and I'm still ... barely started. (Similar problem! I get waaaay too detailed about the minutiae no one cares about...) Your request was actually very easy because you gave me a few pointers to work with, and I already have the basic list! Do let me know what you think when you get a chance to do some reading. :D
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Forever all the Peter Parker feelings.