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schmevil ([personal profile] schmevil) wrote2012-01-01 02:39 pm

writing roundup, 2011

Good lord, this was a terrible year for fanfic. I am the least prolific writer ever, lolme.

Tara, no last name given
True Blood, Tara/Sookie, Tara Eggs
Tara's on the road to somewhere, where she's going to be somebody new.

Girls Can Do Better
Avengers (616), pre-Stephanie/Jan
Janet takes Stephanie shopping and they talk about the meaning of the uniform.

A Cafe, Somewhere
Arthur, repression, and the immediate aftermath of Mal's death.

The Sky To Fall
Captain America, Peggy/Stephanie
For all that Agent Carter and Captain America weren't dames like other dames, there were some things even they couldn't get away with.

Dressed Like Hell
Supernatural, Ruby
Baby's first time out of the pit. (Ruby backstory).

I also posted a number of drafts and partial stories, but I'm not going to count those here.