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wow, thanks

So I guess Avengers fandom is really blowing up. I'm getting loads of hits and kudos on my old Steve/Tony stories, lo these many moons later. Thanks for that, kudos-giving folks. I wish I had new stuff to share, in return for all the great stuff other people are posting but alas, no.

And this right here, is one of my favourite things about AO3. I've talked about feedback and all the issues surrounding it. I've actually talked about it a lot. My stance has always been, that readers should give whatever form of feedback they are moved to give, in whatever form they are comfortable with. If that means a negative review, fine. If that means clicking a heart, great. It's all good. I love that kudos allow people to give me a pat on the back, without feeling awkward. Back pats, I love 'em.
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I'm not sure it's Avengers fandom so much as Steve/Tony.

Congratulations, however! <3
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cool, cool

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I do like comments on my fic myself, no matter how critical. For the more critical ones, I'll sit down, digest and see if it's from a place of good will or malice, and then react accordingly (the latter, I just... brush the dirt off my shoulders, I reckon). I write Ultimates stuff, so I don't really see a bunch of kudos (not a complaint or whine, it is what it is; Ultimates isn't so popular, even if it's Tony/Steve). The most kudos I've ever gotten on anything is that Steve as an artist one, and I think it's because harmony angel's remix touched a chord with most of the AO3 public, I just get an overflow of goodwill.
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Aww, you gave me kudos :D

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Cheers, mate. I still have the first story I read by you in hard copy and go, "This is how I see Tony/Steve." Granted, *sigh* my writing doesn't veer that way, because I'm, to quote valtyr, a bit austere, but still, that's the benchmark I use for my 616 Tony/Steve - um. TMI?

I heart that work lots.