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marvel movie fandom, why?

It's cracking me up that Clint's characterization in a lot of fics seems to be 'quiet'.

Not so much, no.
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Heh. I am basically puzzled by everything that fandom does, ngl.
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Don't get me started on XMFC. :D

Do get started, please.
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Oh. I get all of those bar side-pairings. Mostly because I haven't seen a real trend in side pairings.
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Oh, I don't see a lot of that one. Alex is most commonly paired with Hank, Darwin and to a lesser extent Charles in my experience.
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I can't edit, and I don't know if you're looking for recommendations (you mentioned you were baffled by the lack of Darwin), but here's the AO3 tag for Alex/Armando -*s*Alex%20Summers/works

Thistlerose is the best writer for that pairing, in my opinion.
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Maybe they're just being cautious, since the rumor-mill seems to indicate Hawkeye won't be doing much in the movie. He could be toned-down for RDJ's Tony benefit.
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I know, right?

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movie fic makes me head tilt like woah. But to be fair, there's a lot of ensemble fic out there, and people haven't met Hawkeye yet Renner isn't my visual or personal Hawkeye, but that's a whole other story for a whole other time.
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He's got a little snark going on in his Thor cameo, so I wouldn't expect quiet - I'm expecting a deadpan snarker, and Tony taking the challenge-authority role Clint had in comics.