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Canadialand news

(Canadian shack wankbroglio: whaaaat. I don't even know how to approach that. I... don't know enough about what sparked this? Links, anyone?)

How about something to do with actual Canada?

*The Current was broadcasting from Whitehorse today for a special episode:

Absent Aboriginal Fathers

There are many statistics. The percentage of Aboriginal children being raised by a single parent -- usually the mother -- is double the percentage of other Canadian children. One in 5 First Nations women over the age of 15 is a single mom. And if statistics don't change, a growing number of Aboriginal boys will typically become absent dads themselves. We hear from CBC Reporter, Geoff Leo who has been looking into this story and from a professor at the School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria.

Love The Current, and this was a great townhall. Lots of important points raised. Lots of touching stories.

*True North Aid is raising funds for furnishing the new modular homes on their way to Attawapistkat. I'm not super familiar with the organization, so I can't advise you on it, or the program.

*Did you catch this morning's same sex marriage confusion?

The renewed attention was sparked by the case of an unidentified lesbian couple who married in Canada in 2005 but split up in 2009. The partners are living in Florida and the United Kingdom. Both women want a divorce, but cannot get one where they now live because the state of Florida does not recognize their marriage, and although the U.K. grants civil partnerships to same-sex couples, it does not recognize the Canadian marriage.

The couple went to court last June seeking a Canadian divorce, despite the federal Divorce Act's one-year residency requirement, which they do not meet. Their submission argues the rules are discriminatory, and the couple is seeking $30,000 in damages for negligent misrepresentation by the province of Ontario if their marriage is found to be invalid.

But in addition to the residency requirement, a submission from a federal government lawyer in response to the couple's case cites another reason for refusing to grant the divorce — that they are not legally married.

Documents released Thursday show the government arguing that "in order for a marriage to be legally valid under Canadian law, the parties to the marriage must satisfy both the requirements of the place where the marriage is celebrated... and the requirements of the law of domicile of the couple with regard to their legal capacity to marry one another."

Harper says he has no intention of re-opening the debate on same sex marriage.

I think it's likely that the divorce law will be amended if that's what's necessary to clear this up. The CPC isn't going to win anything from causing ANOTHER international human rights kerfluffle.
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I guess that's protecting the institute of marriage, all right.
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The sad thing about the Canadian Shack wank is that there really isn't that much more context. 10 years sgo Ces started a meme riffing on the due South fic trope of two guys sexing under the blankets in the main character's canonical shack in the NWT. Many fandoms played. Some of the fic must still be online but I couldn't tell you were to find it. This month she tried to bring it back, someone got upset on behalf of all First Nations people everywhere, the end.

People, idk.
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Yeah. The whole thing is a little hard to take seriously, not the least because no one of Native descent seems to agree afaik. Which I hate because all the folks who hate social justice in general, are using this as supposed evidence that it's all dishonest melodramatics.

There are definitely realer things to be said about fandom's Canada's fetish.