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Nominations are now open for WWAC round two. So if WIR 13 Years Later wasn't your thing, now is the time to push for your thing.

The revival of [ profile] sequentialcrack is coming along nicely, with plenty of fresh recs already. We've also started mirroring the comm on Tumblr. So you know, follow, reblog, do it up.

Anonymous Finds Ron Paul under Supremacist Rock. brb loling forever. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know my capital v Views on Ron Paul and those who've been willing to forgive his ties to racists. So this is some good schadenfreude material for me.

Patrick Stewart is going to be at Toronto's FanExpo this summer, which is yay. However, so are Kevin Smith and Jason Mews, which is nay. It's kind of a mixed bag at this point. I will definitely be going (here's hoping I can score press/vendor access by some miracle of shady dealing, or actual effort) but I can't say that I'm particularly excited at this point. It's the panels that usually get me going though, so.


Jan. 25th, 2012 07:42 pm
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[ profile] sequentialcrack is seeking recers for Avengers, Batfamily, Watchmen and some other stuff that you'll pitch to us.

Women Write About Comics is on it's second round of links, and thanks to Corinna Lawson, was linked on Wired. *_*

[community profile] month_of_meta is a multi-fandom meta comm that's just setting up shop. Get in on the ground floor!

Plunge is a new magazine focusing on queer women in genre fiction, and they have a kickstarter going right now.

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