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Some of you have seen parts of this before.

In Still Water, We See
Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, ~12500
Castiel died. The Apocalypse was put off. Sam and Dean went back to their pre-angel life less ordinary. A year later Bobby called with the good news, Cas was back and he was sticking around for awhile.

I finally just said fuck it, and posted the damn thing. It's been taunting me for years. I mean, it could use SO MUCH editing, but emotionally, I'm done with this monster. DONE. Maybe next week I'll write a post about this stupid story, and all my enormous feelings about its blah-blah-blah-ness, and why 90% of it takes place in Bobby's kitchen. Because OMG. I wrote about two thirds of it in season five, and just got back to it recently. It's unfinished-ness was pissing me off.

Anyway, I'm really not selling this, huh? It's an ok read, though, despite the fact that nothing happens in it. Seriously, shutting up now. (THIS STORY).


Jan. 5th, 2012 08:24 pm
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Of all the songs named Monster, what is your favourite?

Right now, mine is Ye's, because Nicki Minaj's part is amaze.
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Ignore that last. I'm just making sure I have all the necessities covered in my ridiculously bare bones profile. I don't get around as much in fandom these days, so I figured that a quick policy rundown was a good idea.

You know, I started writing fic kind of as an exercise in trolling. It's weird to think I'm still at it (albeit in dribs and drabs), a decade later. It's interesting too that while some of my attitudes and interests have changed drastically, others are pretty much the same. When I was in Smallville fandom, the story I was most interested in was that of Lex's mom. Now I'm trying to figure out Tony's mom's story. And when I was in Harry Potter fandom, I either wanted to write moody DOOM stories, or the Slytherins playing board games and having food fights. Now I... write moody DOOM stories, and Tony making scientificly perfect candy, or God being a Duck.

The more things change...
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I warn for explicit sex and graphic violence. I also note canon compliance (Pre OotP, S2/3). If you think a story needs a warning, let me know.

Is great! I welcome both squee and concrit. You can leave a comment or message me.

Is totally cool. You're welcome to use my fic in rants, reviews, commentaries and meta. You can remix it, write sequels, or make podfics. Credit me so that I get my share of the glory, and try to let me know. Otherwise it's all fair game.

La Fic
Martianhouse: my old fic journal
AO3: my current fic archive
DW, LJ: my fic tag, for updates, snippets and commentfic, not consistently tagged, I'm afraid.
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I'm so sorry, but this is important.

In the far flung future, Tony should totally have a house in space, right? But should it be a Jetsons-style sky castle, a space station, a ship, or... a martian space castle?

*Actually relevant to something I am ACTUALLY WRITING, AW YEAH.
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It's cracking me up that Clint's characterization in a lot of fics seems to be 'quiet'.

Not so much, no.
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*I usually flock SD posts these days because BLAHGNONONO, but this one is open.

Fandom Secrets post and the inevitable FFA thread.

In all seriousness, I do think there are things the comm could be doing better. That's always been the case, and it always will be. The major challenge with respect to modding Scans Daily is balance, and that balance was/is really hard to find.

The current rules structure was designed to balance free-ish speech with a) respect for copyright, and 2) an anti-oppression ethos. Comics fandom can be pretty terrible, and even SD had it's moments. Our goal was to make it a bit safer for existing members. (We never intended, in designing the rules, to make the comm a safe space). They came out of about year of refinement, after experience proved that previous models didn't work. When our guiding principle was the golden rule, some members found it impossible to call out bullshit unless they were exceedingly polite. We also had issues with members abusing the rules structure to troll very, very politely. After a particularly bad blowup, we decided to make 'calling out' protected by the rules. This was and continues to be controversial. One of the difficulties this presented to the mod team was whether we should lead or follow. Letting the comm self-mod anti-oppression discussions sometimes left members feeling unsupported. Jumping in from the get go sometimes had members feeling oppressed by the mods. There were no easy answers, and during the adjustment period, the mod team had to be really, really active.

I'm not a mod at SD anymore. So far as I know, a rules change isn't on the horizon. I'm not convinced a rules change is necessary (although rules streamlining, there's room for that, now that things are so firmly established). 'Calling out' is not a problem, it's an opportunity. It's a tool that any member can use to defend themselves or others. We can--and definitely should!--have a conversation about people who abuse that tool to bully. That's an essential part of working on the culture within the community, and the relationship between the mods and members. But honesty requires that we still keep the tone argument in mind, even now that it's a much abused buzzword. Sometimes people use social justice as a mask for their bullying. Other people do the same thing with free speech. That lots of people know about the tone argument, doesn't mean that they're not still pulling that shit.

On a different note, many of the once frequent posters and commenters are in my circle. Lots of us are just tired, or have moved on to other fandoms. There are also plenty of people who left the community after deciding it was no longer for them. Some of them are incredibly bitter over having 'lost' a community they loved. Some of them, like me, are just not in a comics comm headspace anymore. The slowdown on SD is more complicated than 'because mods', although no doubt, that's one of the reasons. The same fandom migration that's slowed down so many flists, hit SD damn hard. And Tumblr, bless, lets you have exactly the comics fandom experience you want. All Damien Wayne, all day? Go for it. No need to scroll past some joker's Sailor Moon posts (or whatever).

Anyway, I'm running out of steam here, and I've got a to do list a mile long. So yeah, my Scans Daily tl;dr of the month, I guess.
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Good lord, this was a terrible year for fanfic. I am the least prolific writer ever, lolme.

Tara, no last name given
True Blood, Tara/Sookie, Tara Eggs
Tara's on the road to somewhere, where she's going to be somebody new.

Girls Can Do Better
Avengers (616), pre-Stephanie/Jan
Janet takes Stephanie shopping and they talk about the meaning of the uniform.

A Cafe, Somewhere
Arthur, repression, and the immediate aftermath of Mal's death.

The Sky To Fall
Captain America, Peggy/Stephanie
For all that Agent Carter and Captain America weren't dames like other dames, there were some things even they couldn't get away with.

Dressed Like Hell
Supernatural, Ruby
Baby's first time out of the pit. (Ruby backstory).

I also posted a number of drafts and partial stories, but I'm not going to count those here.
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Firstly, did I mention that it's live?

Secondly, I'm setting up some syndication for carnival updates. I can't create an LJ feed because I don't have a paid account. Can someone set that up and link me? xoxo

ETA: Salinea's got me covered.

2 things

Dec. 23rd, 2011 09:08 am
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1. Used this entry to make the comment pages on my LJ usable.

2. Women Write About Comics is live! With like, a topic, posting dates and everything. Please help spread the word.
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1. I'm writing something and I need make sure I've got some details correct:

In movieverse, how old is Tony Stark when his parents are killed? Are they killed in a car or plane crash? Also, he graduates MIT at 17 and takes over as CEO at 21, yes?

2. Can anyone rec me some good Emma/Charles XMFC fic?

3. I think Carol/Tasha Stark is more plausible than Carol/Tony. Thoughts?
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Of the 55 stories I've posted on AO3:

- 4 femslash
- 9 het
- 8 slash
- 34 gen

- 2 > 10,000 words
- 7 > 5,000 words
- 46 < 5,000 words

parings (most of which are incidental): Read more... )

Looking at my Gdocs, I've got:

- 1 story > 20,000 words that was Kripked and I never got around to editing
- 3 stories > 10,000 words that need a just need a bit of tweaking, or a couple of scenes before they could be posted
- 7 stories > 5,000 that are about halfway to done
- umpteen shorter things that I'm not sure what to do with

Aaaaand ask me if I'll ever post any of these. lolme
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Time for a blog carnival for women and girls who write about comics!

Women Write About Comics
From the FAQ:

What’s this all about?

Women Write About Comics is a blog carnival; basically a giant blog crossover. In a blog carnival, a large group of disparate bloggers, get together to share their views on a specific topic. Our goal here is to forge new connections among women (and girls!) who love comics, and to make our voices heard.

How does this work?

The organizers, with input from participants, pick a specific topic and set posting dates. Participants post and link back to Women Write About Comics, which will maintain a masterlist of posts.

Who can participate?

Everyone. Established bloggers, pros, and fans of all stripes are welcome to participate. We ask, however, that you do so in good faith, honoring the topic and respecting other participants.

What can I post? Where can I post it?

Your post can be a blog entry, a video, a linkspam, a review, or pretty much anything you like, so long as it relates to our topic. We will link to entries hosted on all platforms, so long as they’re public. Please tag Tumblr and Twitter posts with “#womenoncomics.” The organizers will be tracking this tag, to make sure we don’t miss any entries.

When does posting begin?

*Dates to be determined. Once a topic is chosen, we will move forward with setting dates for the carnival, at which point this entry will be edited.

Can I help out?

Sure! We’d love to have your help advertising the carnival, or, when the time comes, collecting posts for our masterlist.

You can contact the maintainer in chief at themegsbenedict[at]gmail[dot]com.

Spread the word!
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The Sky To Fall

Captain America: The First Avenger | Stephanie/Peggy | ~2000
For all that Agent Carter and Captain America, weren't dames like other dames, there were some things even they couldn't get away with.

Still as foofy as the WiP I posted (last week?) but with more closure.


Dressed Like Hell
Supernatural | Ruby | ~2500
Warnings: unambiguously evil!Ruby, possession, violence.
Baby's first time out of the pit.

This is part character study and part world building. It's been hanging around my gdocs for ages, and I finally decided to just post it.
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Recently I talked about missing Metafandom. I also talked about the slowing down of my flist/dwircle. The ~great slowdown is, I think, partly an actual LJ/DW slowdown (the natural life cycle of a social networking platform coming due), and partly due to my particular network of friends and acquaintances moving on. There are, of course, parts of LJ/DW that are as energetic as ever--I'm just not connected with them. And it's not only me.

My personal plan is to join new communities, put myself out there, and chat with people who are hosting vibrant conversations, and interested in making new friends. I've embraced Twitter, Tumblr and anonmemes, but I'm still attached to this form of social networking, and I want my LJ/DW experience to lively. So I'm going to make that happen.

But in addition to that, I need something, and that is a list of link/meta collecting sites, newsletters, and people. Everything from When Fangirls Attack, to individual Delicious accounts tracking the conversations of particular fandoms. I need it like burning. I'm not looking for a masterlist, so much as various masterlists, from different parts of fandom. Or even just links to particularly good link collectors and newsletters,. MOAR META, MOAR TALK, MOAR MORE, is what I'm saying. One of the most satisfying parts of fandom meta, as opposed to reading reviews or author blogs, is its extremely social character. It's not just the post, it's the comments, the reaction posts, the followups, the quick development of arguments and counter arguments--and it's all for us, by us.

So do me a favour? Link me to whatever you've got, regardless of fandom. Link me to your meta recs, your favourite meta writers, newsletters, blogs, Tumblrs-- WHATEVER. Link me to other people seeking meta, and them to me. Let's get a big exchange going, if we can, my fellow travellers in slow LJ/DW-land, because the main thing is, I want to talk to other fans and I want to create meta, with other fans, and I know that a bunch of you do as well.

I mean, fuck it, let's just build a new network, right?

ETA: Strategies. Share with me your strategies for finding meta (and meeting new people), when so much of the infrastructure (comms, people) we relied on has, well, dispersed or withered away.


Dec. 3rd, 2011 10:31 am
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Speaking of fandom migration.

Since I've been posting here regularly again, I've noticed that my dwircle/flist has really slowed down. I need to go on a friending spree, because my goodness, I can scroll through all the updates from a week in less than an hour. It used to take me hours to catch up. Need moar content.


Nov. 29th, 2011 02:37 pm
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Years ago I was writing a story where Tony finally decided to get some therapy. Unfortunately for Tony, the whole universe was a Skrull-induced hallucination. I backburned the story and then never got back to it, but he was supposed to be alerted to this fact by Wolverine jumping out the window of Avengers Tower, or at least, jumping out of the window was involved in the big revelatory scene. Anyway.

Now I want to harvest the core idea--Tony getting therapy--to write a movieverse story where Fury demands an evaluation (because of reasons) and rather than be analyzed by the SHIELD docs, Tony pushes for his semi-bro Charles Xavier (because of reasons). And then Charles somehow gets Tony to agree to actual therapy, and Tony is like, "But... how did that happen?" And then there's psychic therapy, and outings, and chess, and various X-Men side-eying the whole thing, and robot pets, and finally Tony upgrading Cerebro. idk, if I had more time.

Also: there should be fic where Tony creates an entire ark's worth of robot animals. Maybe I will write this fic.
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A Cafe, Somewhere
Inception, Dom & Arthur, ~700
A bit of grief and repression, in the immediate aftermath of Mal's death.

Read more... )

Found this in gdocs and figured I might as well post it.
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Like really, really. I miss the links to specific fandom meta, in fandoms I'd never heard of. I miss the links to gonzo acafan analysis, using theories I'd never heard of. I miss several hundred comment posts, full of people who didn't even know each other, but managed to have a great conversation anyway. I miss the discussion chains, hopping from journal to journal over the course of weeks. NOSTALGIA.

1. Yes, Metafandom still exists on Delicious, but (is it just me?) I feel like it's time is over. It's the post Metafandom era. And getting close to the post LJ era. (Not so much in the sense of LJ becoming a ghost town, but rather, it's been for a long time a relic, and with the rise of Tumblr and Anon fandom, its relevance is fading).

2. Don't get me wrong, I love Tumblr, but there's only so long I can follow a reblog convo without wanting to gouge my eyes out (just from searching for the meat of the conversation), or the whole thing descending into a gif party. Tumblr is far from ideal for long and involved conversations.

3. And anonmemes. Love them. Even the endlessly wanky ones. But sometimes I just want to read a twenty page analysis of, idk, Sherlock and Watson's (I don't watch the show) respective eye colours or what have you, and the typical anon meme discourse isn't conducive to this sort of borderline wankery. (Other kinds of wankery? Well!).

Those huge Metafandom-generated discussion of days gone by were one of my primary ways of being fannish. So yeah. Boo to its slowdown, and to its move away from LJ/DW (as a newsletter).

How are you guys finding good meta these days? And not just on LJ/DW. (As a comics and horror fan, I kind of get around).

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